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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Nash Williams establish his settlement?
(a) In the Congo.
(b) In Sierra Leone.
(c) Around St. Paul's river.
(d) In Freetown.

2. What is the name of Edward's wife?
(a) Elizabeth Williams.
(b) Amelia Williams.
(c) Lilah Williams.
(d) Joyce Williams.

3. What does the American Colonization Society do?
(a) It fights for rights for Africans.
(b) It fights to abolish slavery.
(c) It puts citizens in office.
(d) It repatriates Christian slaves back to Africa.

4. What happens to Nash's first son and first wife?
(a) They survive the African Fever.
(b) They die of the African Fever.
(c) They die on the way to Africa.
(d) They are murdered by white settlers.

5. Who was Martha's daughter presumably sold to?
(a) She was sold to the same place as her father.
(b) She was sold to a slave trader.
(c) She was sold to the same place as Martha.
(d) She was not sold; she was freed.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who finds Martha in a doorway?

2. What kind of cabin was Martha left in?

3. How do the Hoffmans intend to finance their travel?

4. What happens to Martha's friend who she worked with early on?

5. What happens to the plantation once the new owner takes control of it?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Edward dream that caused him much angst, and what does he interpret it as?

2. Describe Martha's boyfriend, Chester.

3. Describe the American Colonization Society.

4. How did Madison Williams get emancipated?

5. Describe Cleo Hoffman.

6. Describe the plantation that Edward Williams owns.

7. What group of people make up most of Martha's business while she is in Kansas?

8. Describe the relation between Madison Williams and Edward Williams.

9. What happens to the relationship between Nash and his natural mother?

10. How did Chester acquire his home?

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