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Lesson 1 (from Section 1 "The Pagan Coast")


In "The Pagan Coast," the American Colonization Society endorses a repatriation program where they send former slaves to Africa to spread the Gospel. Edward gives Nash a Christian education and sends him to Monrovia through the Society. This lesson will introduce "The Pagan Coast" and the repatriation program that really existed and compare it with the story.


1). Lecture: PowerPoint presentation introducing "The Pagan Coast" by talking about the setting as well as the concept of repatriation in that time period. This presentation will include pictures and maps to show the journey and the dangers associated with it. A class discussion will follow the presentation by the teacher.

2). Short video: Watch a short video from a documentary on the repatriation program to better understand the real-life program and compare it with the story. A class discussion will follow. How does the repatriation program play out in...

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