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Section 1 "The Pagan Coast"

• In the American South in 1841, Edward Williams receives a letter from the American Colonization Society informing him of the Society's loss of contact with his adopted son/former slave, named Nash Williams.

• Nash has gone to Liberia as part of the Society's repatriation program and has become a successful missionary, intent on serving Christ and spreading his word.

• Nash writes letters to Edward in the early years of his arrival in Liberia, but he has not written any recently.

• In the last letter, Nash writes that he is cutting ties with Edward.

• Edward decides to go to Africa to find Nash.
• Edward sets off to Liberia in November, 1841 from New York.

• On the storm-driven voyage, Edward contracts malaria and is unable to assist during an emergency where the ship is almost abandoned.

• Calm follows the storm, but Edward continues to suffer with fever.

• The...

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