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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Joanna's half of the family farm?
(a) She gives it away.
(b) She sells it.
(c) She loses it to her ex-fiancé.
(d) Her brother takes it over.

2. What does Joanna reveal to Mrs. Todd?
(a) That she has decided to return to Dunnet Landing.
(b) That she has committed the ultimate sin.
(c) That she has decided to stay on the island.
(d) That she has fallen ill.

3. What reason do the visitors give for not having seen as many older guests as they would have hoped?
(a) Maybe the older guests can no longer make the long journey.
(b) Maybe the older guests are being replaced by the younger generation.
(c) Maybe the older guests don't enjoy the reunions as much as they used to.
(d) Maybe there aren't as many older guests to come anymore.

4. What does Elijah tell the narrator about his love interests?
(a) He would like to remarry if he found the right companion.
(b) He has no interest in remarrying.
(c) He would like to meet someone new, but Dunnet Landing is too small.
(d) He has given up looking for someone new.

5. When did the story of Joanna occur?
(a) Several years ago.
(b) The previous summer.
(c) When Mrs. Todd was newly married.
(d) When Mrs. Fosdick was a child.

6. What happens at the last minute before Joanna's wedding?
(a) Joanna dies.
(b) Her fiancé marries someone else.
(c) Her fiancé dies.
(d) Her fiancé refuses to marry her.

7. What punishment does Joanna inflict on herself?
(a) Endless work on the island.
(b) Suicide.
(c) Isolation from others.
(d) Imprisonment.

8. What emotion does Elijah awaken in the narrator?
(a) Regret.
(b) Sadness.
(c) Fear.
(d) Compassion.

9. What does Mrs. Blackett need in order to be ready for departure?
(a) A cup of tea.
(b) A glass of water.
(c) A jacket.
(d) An herbal mixture.

10. What does Elijah do that causes him to shed a tear while talking to the narrator?
(a) He talks about how much he misses his wife.
(b) He talks about the little details of being married.
(c) He talks about how much he misses fishing.
(d) He talks about how painful her death was.

11. How does Elijah refer to his late wife?
(a) Poor dear.
(b) My dear wife.
(c) Dear Sarah.
(d) Poor Sarah.

12. What specialty is revealed during the dessert course?
(a) A gingerbread model of Dunnet Landing.
(b) A chocolate model of the Bowdens' garden.
(c) A gingerbread model of the Bowdens' homestead.
(d) A chocolate cake made using the Bowdens' own recipe.

13. What occurs to the narrator as she is looking over the landscape on Shell-Heap Island?
(a) Joanna is much like her self.
(b) The landscape is lovelier than she expected.
(c) Captain Bowden has become a good friend.
(d) Joanna must have seen the island just this way.

14. When does Joanna ask Mrs. Todd to return?
(a) Never.
(b) The next day.
(c) In a year.
(d) In a month.

15. How can the mood be described as the narrator, Mrs. Todd and Mrs. Blackett make their way to the event?
(a) Festive.
(b) Anxious.
(c) Stressed.
(d) Formal.

Short Answer Questions

1. What positive characteristics do Mrs. Todd and Mrs. Caplin ascribe to Sant?

2. Why is the narrator surprised by the invitation?

3. What advice does Joanna give Mrs. Todd?

4. In talking to the narrator, what aspect of the event makes Mrs. Todd particularly emotional?

5. What had others told Elijah would happen with time after his wife's passing?

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