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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What offer does William make the narrator?
(a) He offers to take her for a carriage ride.
(b) He offers to make her some chowder.
(c) He offers to show her the island.
(d) He offers to take her back to Dunnett Landing.

2. What does the narrator find impressive about the Captain's retelling of Gaffett's story?
(a) His skepticism.
(b) His sense of nostalgia.
(c) His bright eyes and vigor in storytelling.
(d) His attention to detail.

3. How do the people of Dunnet Landing feel about Mrs. Todd?
(a) The other community members see her as an outsider.
(b) The other community members respect her for her knowledge.
(c) The other community members come to her for advice.
(d) The other community members find her to be loud and gossipy.

4. What did the Captain do while waiting in Chapter 5?
(a) Spent time talking to other survivors.
(b) Looked for food.
(c) Tried to reach rescuers.
(d) Looked for help.

5. What conclusion about the Captain's beliefs can be drawn from his conversation with the narrator?
(a) He believes that sailors cannot be trusted.
(b) He tends to believe in life after death.
(c) He believes that seafaring is dangerous.
(d) He tends not to believe in life after death.

6. Under what pretense does the narrator leave Mrs. Blackett's home?
(a) To dig carrots for the salad.
(b) To find some herbs for Mrs. Todd.
(c) To gather some flowers.
(d) To dig potatoes for chowder.

7. What does the narrator conclude based on Mrs. Todd's revelation?
(a) That the two must be friends now.
(b) That love cannot last.
(c) That love is not necessary for a marriage to work.
(d) That Mrs. Todd must have been very loyal to her husband.

8. What does the narrator compare Dunnet Landing's cottage windows to?
(a) Gingerbread windows.
(b) Knowing eyes that look toward the sea.
(c) Windows into the lives and souls of the people in town.
(d) Knowing eyes that watch over the community members.

9. How does the narrator characterize Captain Littlepage's reaction to Gaffett's story?
(a) He believes that the story is true.
(b) He believes that too much time at sea can affect your thinking.
(c) He believes that sailing is dangerous.
(d) He believes that Gaffett made the story up.

10. What topic leads to the narrator's conversation with Captain Littlepage about life after death?
(a) Captain Littlepage's near-death experience.
(b) The Reverend's remarks.
(c) The importance of living life to it's fullest.
(d) Mrs. Begg's funeral.

11. What does the narrator notice about Captain Littlepage's reputation in Dunnet Landing?
(a) He is well-respected.
(b) He is like the father of the community.
(c) He is friends with everyone.
(d) He is an outsider.

12. Why does the Captain believe he knows "the truth" about life after death?
(a) His religious experiences.
(b) He is a deeply religious man.
(c) He himself had a near-death experience.
(d) His experiences while waiting for rescue from a shipwreck.

13. When does the narrator need to have her writing project finished?
(a) Before the publisher comes to visit.
(b) By the end of the month.
(c) By the end of the season.
(d) By the time the publisher writes to request her manuscript.

14. Where does the narrator first stay during her visit?
(a) With Mrs. Todd.
(b) In a small, family-run hotel.
(c) With Mrs. Begg.
(d) In the schoolhouse.

15. How old is Mrs. Blackett?
(a) 106.
(b) 76.
(c) 86.
(d) 96.

Short Answer Questions

1. What conclusion about the narrator's beliefs can be drawn from her conversation with Captain Littlepage?

2. What was the cause of the Captain's experience?

3. What does the narrator compare Captain Littlepage's gait to?

4. Why does Mrs. Todd say she wants to pick herbs on the island where Mrs. Blackett lives?

5. Besides her herbal remedies, what else is Mrs. Todd known for in Dunnet Landing?

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