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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What natural landscape influences life in the community?
(a) The forest.
(b) The mountains.
(c) The ocean.
(d) The lake.

2. Who is William?
(a) Mrs. Blackett's brother-in-law.
(b) Mrs. Blackett's brother.
(c) Mrs. Todd's brother.
(d) Mrs. Todd's brother-in-law.

3. Under which pretense does Mrs. Todd come to the schoolhouse to visit the narrator?
(a) She needs some advice.
(b) She has an herbal mixture for the narrator.
(c) She is looking for tansy.
(d) She is looking for plantains.

4. According to the narrator's quote, what does Darwin say about sea captains?
(a) They are greater than kings.
(b) They are the lowliest of men.
(c) They are the toughest of men.
(d) They are second only to schoolmasters.

5. How do the people of Dunnett Landing feel about having company?
(a) Visits with others are a valued commodity.
(b) Visits with others are a necessary evil.
(c) Visits with others are a social requirement.
(d) Visits with others are the only valuable thing in life.

6. What distracts the narrator from her work later in the day after the funeral procession?
(a) The sheep in the schoolyard.
(b) A shopping trip.
(c) A visit from Captain Littlepage.
(d) A visit from Mrs. Todd.

7. What happened when Gaffett and his companion left "the waiting place"?
(a) The animals watched as they moved out of sight.
(b) The coastline disappeared.
(c) The townspeople seemed to taunt them.
(d) They worried that they would freeze.

8. Why does the narrator come to visit Maine?
(a) For a long vacation.
(b) To visit friends.
(c) To work on a writing project.
(d) To write about the area.

9. Who is the funeral procession for?
(a) Mrs. Todd's mother.
(b) Captain Littlepage.
(c) Mrs. Todd.
(d) Mrs. Begg.

10. Where does the narrator go to write in Chapter 1?
(a) The schoolhouse.
(b) The beach.
(c) A cottage in the village.
(d) The park.

11. What topic leads to the narrator's conversation with Captain Littlepage about life after death?
(a) Captain Littlepage's near-death experience.
(b) The importance of living life to it's fullest.
(c) Mrs. Begg's funeral.
(d) The Reverend's remarks.

12. What do William and Mrs. Blackett do after supper?
(a) Sing a few songs.
(b) Make dessert.
(c) Go for a walk.
(d) Take a carriage ride.

13. Besides her herbal remedies, what else is Mrs. Todd known for in Dunnet Landing?
(a) Her lemonade.
(b) Her iced tea.
(c) Her spruce beer.
(d) Her pine ale.

14. How does the narrator characterize Captain Littlepage's reaction to Gaffett's story?
(a) He believes that the story is true.
(b) He believes that Gaffett made the story up.
(c) He believes that too much time at sea can affect your thinking.
(d) He believes that sailing is dangerous.

15. Why does the narrator say she didn't "walk the rest" at the end of Chapter 4?
(a) She doesn't know the townspeople in the procession.
(b) She doesn't know who the procession is for.
(c) She realizes that she is not a member of the community.
(d) She is too busy with her work.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the narrator compare Dunnet Landing's cottage windows to?

2. Who does the narrator compare Mrs. Fosdick to when describing her visits to others?

3. What did Mrs. Begg dislike about life at Dunnet Landing?

4. What does the narrator remember Mrs. Todd saying about Captain Littlepage?

5. What does Mrs. Todd do during her free time?

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