The Country of the Pointed Firs Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Dunnet Landing.

Dunnet Landing is a small maritime village on the coast of Maine. It is surrounded by the ocean and a set of nearby islands, and is graced with a rocky shore, dark woods and cozy cottages.

2. Describe Mrs. Todd's personal characteristics.

Mrs. Todd is a robust, warm, friendly, elderly woman. The narrator often refers to her large physical size. She loves to visit with neighbors and is very kind. She is passionate about her herb garden and is very loyal.

3. Describe the narrator's relationship with Mrs. Todd.

The two get along very well from the beginning and form a deep friendship. The narrator mentions that she is glad for Mrs. Todd's company in distracting her from her writing with better things, but at the same time, she feels pressure to get her work done. Mrs. Todd seems glad to have the narrator's company as well, and trusts her enough to tell her even very private details about her life.

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