The Country of the Pointed Firs Fun Activities

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Draw Dunnet

Use any information you can find in the book to create a drawing, a model, or a painting of the village. Before you begin, brainstorm which homes, buildings and natural landscape features you want to include. If you are not sure exactly where the items should go, use your imagination to fill in the details not described in the book.

Objects and places

Bring an object from home that reminds you of a place you treasure in the same way the narrator loves Dunnet. Be prepared to present this object and explain its significance to your life.

An evening on Green Island

Briefly look over Chapters 10 and 11 in which the narrator's dinner on Green Island is described. As a class, plan and carry out your own "evening on Green Island." Which recipes will you need for the meal? Who will do the cooking? Who will provide...

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