The Country of the Pointed Firs Character Descriptions

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Mrs. Blackett - This very lively as well as extremely healthy and active character lives on Green Island. Showing a warm, comfortable hospitality that quickly dispenses with formality, this character is equally friendly with new acquaintances and old friends. He/she enjoys showing how dynamic he/she is, and is clearly a great favorite among the community.

William Blackett - This character lives on Green Island and is very shy. Eventually, however, he/she opens up to others and takes another character for a walk on the island. This character loves the natural beauty of the island and also loves to sing, but does not visit with others much much due to extreme shyness.

Mrs. Susan Fosdick - This character is a friend from out of town who regularly visits the community. A seasoned visitor, he/she talks about the goings on about town and first...

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