The Country of the Pointed Firs Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4

• A young woman arrives in the small seaside town of Dunnet, where she will spend the summer writing.

• The narrative focuses on the beauty of the town.

• The young woman had been to Dunnet a couple of years before and finds the village unchanged.

• The relationship of the young woman to Dunnet is compared to a lifelong friendship.

• The narrator takes up lodging with Mrs. Todd, the town herbalist.

• Mrs. Todd spends most of her time gathering herbs, making herbal mixtures and greeting patients.

• The narrator greets Mrs. Todd's customers while she is gone and mentions that the only drawback to this place is the utter lack of seclusion.

• Mrs. Todd and the narrator become very good friends.

• The narrator tells Mrs. Todd that she can no longer greet customers, but the change doesn't affect their friendship.

• Mrs. Todd tells the narrator the story of her...

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