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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the main things the narrator is aware of beyond himself?
(a) The mud and the plants.
(b) The dirt and the rain.
(c) The sky and the air.
(d) The rock and the water.

2. What does the narrator say the sign "This time I like you." refers to?
(a) The time he locked himself out of his house.
(b) The time he ignored the doorbell because he didn't wat to see his great-aunt.
(c) The time he left a manuscript on a train.
(d) The time he wore mismatched socks.

3. How often does the whole family visit N'ba N'ga to get his advice?
(a) Once a century.
(b) Once a month.
(c) Once a decade.
(d) Once a year.

4. What variables does the narrator use to refer to the two moments in his life that he thinks others must be observing from far-away galaxies?
(a) The variables pi and phi.
(b) The variables a and b.
(c) The variables e and c.
(d) The variables x and y.

5. What example of a detailed bet that he makes does Qfwfq give?
(a) What shape Australia's coastline will take.
(b) Where the Great Pyramids will be located.
(c) How deep the Grand Canyon will be.
(d) Whether the Assyrians will invade Mesopotamia.

6. How does the narrator first interact with a female?
(a) He fertilizes her eggs.
(b) He bumps into her.
(c) He follows her path.
(d) He dances around her.

7. How does Qfwfq feel about N'ba N'ga?
(a) Qfwfq is jealous of N'ba N'ga's watery home.
(b) Qfwfq is embarrassed by N'ba N'ga.
(c) Qfwfq loves N'ba N'ga.
(d) Qfwfq is afraid of N'ba N'ga.

8. What does the narrator anticipate with relief at the end of "The Light-Years"?
(a) The results of a final judgment on him from one central galaxy.
(b) All the galaxies moving so far away that he can't communicate with them or change their opinions.
(c) A way finally emerging that he can communicate more fully across space, to make his situation clear.
(d) A time when the galaxies all contract back together and he can communnicate more quickly.

9. What do the New Ones do when they find the dinosaur body?
(a) They move away from the area, now taboo.
(b) They hold a trial to determine the fate of the dinosaur.
(c) They burn the body out of fear.
(d) They celebrate.

10. Which of the following impossible fantasies does the narrator have in his shapeless form?
(a) Whistling.
(b) Crossing his legs.
(c) Snapping his fingers.
(d) Shaking someone's hand.

11. What does Qfwfq predict will happen to stars?
(a) They will begin emitting helium.
(b) They will break into smaller stars.
(c) They will slowly grow in size.
(d) They will burst into fire.

12. What are the first things Qfwfq and Dean (k)yK have to bet with?
(a) Ions.
(b) Quarks.
(c) Electrons.
(d) Elements.

13. What does the mollusk think of the development of eyesight?
(a) It's a trivial task compared to making a shell to be seen.
(b) It's a terrible curse for those who have it.
(c) It's something that eventually all things must do.
(d) It's impossibly difficult.

14. What does the second sign that the narrator sees through his telescope say?
(a) I saw it.
(b) I know you.
(c) I know it.
(d) I saw you.

15. What does Qfwfq discover when he goes to spy out the reported dinosaurs?
(a) They are hippopotamuses.
(b) They are rhinoceroses.
(c) They are aligators.
(d) They are ostriches.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Qfwfq want Lll to come away with him to?

2. How does Lieutenant Fenimore react when the narrator indicates he's seen a universe?

3. What does the dinosaur do in the dream Fern-flower first tells Qfwfq about?

4. What does Lll dare Qfwfq to do when they are playing near the water?

5. How far away is the galaxy where the narrator sees the sign?

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