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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Qfwfq discover when he goes to spy out the reported dinosaurs?
(a) They are ostriches.
(b) They are rhinoceroses.
(c) They are aligators.
(d) They are hippopotamuses.

2. Where does the narrator strike Lieutenant Fenimore as he falls on him?
(a) On the cranium.
(b) In the spleen.
(c) On the gluteus maximus.
(d) On the cervical vertibrae.

3. When Fern-flower dreams of a dinosaur being teased, what does she do in the dream?
(a) She watches and finds it upsetting.
(b) She protects the dinosaur.
(c) She teases the dinosaur.
(d) She watches and finds it funny.

4. What does the mollusk think of the development of eyesight?
(a) It's a terrible curse for those who have it.
(b) It's impossibly difficult.
(c) It's something that eventually all things must do.
(d) It's a trivial task compared to making a shell to be seen.

5. What unplanned benefit does the shell give the narrator?
(a) Camouflage.
(b) Physical attraction for females.
(c) Protection.
(d) A weapon.

6. How does the narrator feel about the female he comes to notice?
(a) He loves her.
(b) He doesn't care about her.
(c) He is irritated by her.
(d) He hates her.

7. Where does Qfwfq want Lll to come away with him to?
(a) A plain beyond the mountain.
(b) An underwater garden.
(c) A system of caverns in the forest.
(d) An island in the river.

8. Where does N'ba N'ga live?
(a) In a bay inlet, near a waterfall.
(b) In the shallow edge of a lagoon.
(c) In a rock formation in a river.
(d) In a quiet cove on the edge of the sea.

9. What does the narrator say the sign "This time I like you." refers to?
(a) The time he ignored the doorbell because he didn't wat to see his great-aunt.
(b) The time he locked himself out of his house.
(c) The time he left a manuscript on a train.
(d) The time he wore mismatched socks.

10. Which of the following impossible fantasies does the narrator have in his shapeless form?
(a) Shaking someone's hand.
(b) Whistling.
(c) Crossing his legs.
(d) Snapping his fingers.

11. What is the second sign the narrator sees, when he is looking for reactions to his magnanimous and generous actions?
(a) You have a hole in your sock.
(b) You have a flannel undershirt.
(c) You have a shoe untied.
(d) You have forgotten your gloves.

12. How does Dean (k)yK try to back out of the bet that there will be atoms?
(a) He denies that he ever accepted a bet.
(b) He accuses Qfwfq of cheating on the bet.
(c) He says that they never shook hands on the bet.
(d) He tries to deny that the atoms are atoms.

13. How does the narrator first interact with a female?
(a) He fertilizes her eggs.
(b) He bumps into her.
(c) He follows her path.
(d) He dances around her.

14. How do the New Ones subsist?
(a) They grow vegetables in gardens.
(b) They catch fish from the river.
(c) They hunt deer in the woods.
(d) They gather berries, mushrooms, and vegetables from the woods.

15. How does Dean (k)yK react when Qfwfq loses a bet?
(a) He frowns, thinking that though he's won one bet, he's lost too many.
(b) He solemnly chides Qfwfq's foolishness.
(c) He is polite and happy.
(d) He laughs at Qfwfq.

Short Answer Questions

1. After the narrator speculates that Ursula H'x and Lieutenant Fenimore might have met at some time in the past, what does he deduce from this speculation?

2. What begins to happen to Qfwfq and Dean (k)yK's bets after humanity appears on the scene?

3. What does the dinosaur do in the dream Fern-flower first tells Qfwfq about?

4. What does Ursula H'x do as she falls?

5. Who does the mollusk expect to develop sight but doesn't?

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