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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much does the narrator plan the details of his shell's appearance?
(a) He plans it in specific detail, and it turns out as planned.
(b) He doesn't plan it at all.
(c) He plans a general outline.
(d) He plans it in specific detail, but it doesn't turn out quite like planned.

2. When Fern-flower dreams of a dinosaur being teased, what does she do in the dream?
(a) She teases the dinosaur.
(b) She watches and finds it upsetting.
(c) She watches and finds it funny.
(d) She protects the dinosaur.

3. In the world millions of years later, where does the narrator see the image of the first female mollusk he interacts with?
(a) Nowhere.
(b) In all women.
(c) In only photographs and representations of women.
(d) In only one woman he sees for a fleeting moment.

4. What weapon does Lieutenant Fenimore use against the narrator?
(a) A dart.
(b) A pistol.
(c) A sword.
(d) A baton.

5. What swarm of insects does the narrator describe flying through the air in the second part of the story, in the railway embankment scene?
(a) Bees.
(b) Butterflies.
(c) Flies.
(d) Mosquitoes.

6. How does the narrator know about females of his species?
(a) Through electric impulses.
(b) Through sounds.
(c) Through vibrations.
(d) Through smells.

7. How do the New Ones subsist?
(a) They catch fish from the river.
(b) They gather berries, mushrooms, and vegetables from the woods.
(c) They grow vegetables in gardens.
(d) They hunt deer in the woods.

8. What gives the narrator the idea that space has a shape and form?
(a) Watching universes fly by.
(b) Watching Lieutenant Fenimore move.
(c) Watching his own unconscious movements.
(d) Watching Ursula H'x move.

9. What does one of the spectators at the fight between Zahn and Qfwfq call out?
(a) Give it to him, Dinosaur!
(b) He's a Dinosaur!
(c) Run, Dinosaur!
(d) Die, Dinosaur!

10. How far away is the galaxy where the narrator sees the sign?
(a) A hundred and fifty million light years.
(b) Fifty million light years.
(c) Ten million light years.
(d) A hundred million light years.

11. How does Dean (k)yK react when Qfwfq loses a bet?
(a) He laughs at Qfwfq.
(b) He frowns, thinking that though he's won one bet, he's lost too many.
(c) He solemnly chides Qfwfq's foolishness.
(d) He is polite and happy.

12. What does Lll dare Qfwfq to do when they are playing near the water?
(a) Hold his breath under water as long as he can.
(b) Run through the waves as fast as he can.
(c) Get as close to the water as he can.
(d) Make as big a splash as he can.

13. What does Qfwfq predict will happen to stars?
(a) They will slowly grow in size.
(b) They will break into smaller stars.
(c) They will burst into fire.
(d) They will begin emitting helium.

14. What type of fish is N'ba N'ga?
(a) Rhincodontidae.
(b) Exocoetus.
(c) Coelacanthus.
(d) Tetraodontidae.

15. What does the first sign the narrator sees say?
(a) I saw you.
(b) I know it.
(c) I know you.
(d) I saw it.

Short Answer Questions

1. For how long does Qfwfq say he was a dinosaur?

2. What job does Zahn recommend Qfwfq for, which Qfwfq would rather not do?

3. What does the second sign that the narrator sees through his telescope say?

4. Who gives Qfwfq and Dean (k)yK the libraries, magazines, and computers they need for their calculations?

5. What does Ursula H'x do as she falls?

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