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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Dean (k)yK react when Qfwfq loses a bet?
(a) He is polite and happy.
(b) He laughs at Qfwfq.
(c) He solemnly chides Qfwfq's foolishness.
(d) He frowns, thinking that though he's won one bet, he's lost too many.

2. What does Lll dare Qfwfq to do when they are playing near the water?
(a) Hold his breath under water as long as he can.
(b) Run through the waves as fast as he can.
(c) Make as big a splash as he can.
(d) Get as close to the water as he can.

3. What does Lll do after N'ba N'ga says that he could teach her to live in the water?
(a) She starts to cry.
(b) She immediately jumps in the water.
(c) She laughs and runs off.
(d) She gives N'ba N'ga a kiss.

4. How does Lieutenant Fenimore react when the narrator indicates he's seen a universe?
(a) He is irritated.
(b) He is horrified.
(c) He is contemptuous.
(d) He is thrilled.

5. Who does the mollusk expect to develop sight but doesn't?
(a) The mollusk shells.
(b) The eggs that the mollusks lay.
(c) The ocean and the sky.
(d) Himself and the female mollusk.

6. Why is Lll more agile than Qfwfq?
(a) She is younger than Qfwfq.
(b) She was born on land.
(c) She has run races all her life.
(d) She has a new kind of knee joint.

7. What does Ursula H'x do as she falls?
(a) She does her nails or combs her hair.
(b) She does calisthenics.
(c) She plays music and sings.
(d) She sleeps constantly.

8. What type of fish is N'ba N'ga?
(a) Coelacanthus.
(b) Tetraodontidae.
(c) Exocoetus.
(d) Rhincodontidae.

9. How much does the narrator plan the details of his shell's appearance?
(a) He plans it in specific detail, and it turns out as planned.
(b) He doesn't plan it at all.
(c) He plans a general outline.
(d) He plans it in specific detail, but it doesn't turn out quite like planned.

10. Where does N'ba N'ga live?
(a) In the shallow edge of a lagoon.
(b) In a quiet cove on the edge of the sea.
(c) In a bay inlet, near a waterfall.
(d) In a rock formation in a river.

11. Who does Ursula H'x always look at as she falls?
(a) The narrator.
(b) No one.
(c) Both the narrator and Lieutenant Fenimore.
(d) Lieutenant Fenimore.

12. What does the narrator say the sign "This time I like you." refers to?
(a) The time he ignored the doorbell because he didn't wat to see his great-aunt.
(b) The time he wore mismatched socks.
(c) The time he locked himself out of his house.
(d) The time he left a manuscript on a train.

13. What does the narrator say the sign "Tchk Tchk" refers to?
(a) The time he gave a third of his salary to charity.
(b) The time he swerved and crashed his car to avoid hitting a dog.
(c) The time he stopped a bully from beating up a child.
(d) The time he quit his job because they asked him to do something wrong.

14. What does the dinosaur do in the dream Fern-flower first tells Qfwfq about?
(a) The dinosaur hides in the woods and won't let himself be seen.
(b) The dinosaur destroys Fern-flower's house.
(c) The dinosaur carries Fern-flower off to eat her.
(d) The dinosaur lets Fern-flower ride on his back.

15. How do the New Ones subsist?
(a) They gather berries, mushrooms, and vegetables from the woods.
(b) They hunt deer in the woods.
(c) They catch fish from the river.
(d) They grow vegetables in gardens.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Qfwfq discover when he goes to spy out the reported dinosaurs?

2. What sign does the narrator finally choose as his response to the first sign?

3. When Fern-flower dreams of a dinosaur being teased, what does she do in the dream?

4. During what period did the dinosaurs die out?

5. After the narrator speculates that Ursula H'x and Lieutenant Fenimore might have met at some time in the past, what does he deduce from this speculation?

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