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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who gives Qfwfq and Dean (k)yK the libraries, magazines, and computers they need for their calculations?
(a) A Government Agency.
(b) A University Grant.
(c) An International Conglomerate.
(d) A Research Foundation.

2. How does the narrator know about females of his species?
(a) Through electric impulses.
(b) Through vibrations.
(c) Through smells.
(d) Through sounds.

3. Which of the following impossible fantasies does the narrator have in his shapeless form?
(a) Shaking someone's hand.
(b) Snapping his fingers.
(c) Crossing his legs.
(d) Whistling.

4. What sign does the narrator read that at first he's happy about, but later is disappointed by?
(a) This guy's pretty swell.
(b) Who's that fantastic fellow?
(c) Hey, fella, good job.
(d) That character's really on the ball.

5. To what does the narrator compare the paths of the characters' falls?
(a) Lines of handwriting.
(b) Strands of hair.
(c) Vines on a trellis.
(d) Metal chains.

6. What type of fish is N'ba N'ga?
(a) Coelacanthus.
(b) Exocoetus.
(c) Tetraodontidae.
(d) Rhincodontidae.

7. What does the mollusk think of the development of eyesight?
(a) It's impossibly difficult.
(b) It's a terrible curse for those who have it.
(c) It's a trivial task compared to making a shell to be seen.
(d) It's something that eventually all things must do.

8. How does Dean (k)yK try to back out of the bet that there will be atoms?
(a) He says that they never shook hands on the bet.
(b) He accuses Qfwfq of cheating on the bet.
(c) He denies that he ever accepted a bet.
(d) He tries to deny that the atoms are atoms.

9. What does the narrator describe the making of his shell as?
(a) Self-expression, like an exclamation.
(b) Pleading, like reaching out his hands.
(c) Expansion, like taking new territory.
(d) Aggression, like punching outward.

10. What does Ursula H'x do as she falls?
(a) She does calisthenics.
(b) She sleeps constantly.
(c) She does her nails or combs her hair.
(d) She plays music and sings.

11. What gives the narrator the idea that space has a shape and form?
(a) Watching universes fly by.
(b) Watching Ursula H'x move.
(c) Watching his own unconscious movements.
(d) Watching Lieutenant Fenimore move.

12. What things do Qfwfq and Dean (k)yK lack at first that makes betting difficult?
(a) Symbols, money, and numbers.
(b) Senses to see the world around them with.
(c) Pencils and paper to track their bets.
(d) Other people to referree the bets and fix disputes.

13. Where does the narrator strike Lieutenant Fenimore as he falls on him?
(a) On the gluteus maximus.
(b) In the spleen.
(c) On the cranium.
(d) On the cervical vertibrae.

14. How many people does the narrator expect will see the second event in his life, of which he is proud, compared to the first more shaming moment?
(a) Less than saw the first.
(b) The same number who saw the first.
(c) More than saw the first.
(d) No one.

15. What weapon does Lieutenant Fenimore use against the narrator?
(a) A baton.
(b) A dart.
(c) A pistol.
(d) A sword.

Short Answer Questions

1. What begins to happen to Qfwfq and Dean (k)yK's bets after humanity appears on the scene?

2. Why does Qfwfq bet that there will be atoms?

3. What does Lll do after N'ba N'ga says that he could teach her to live in the water?

4. What sign does the narrator see, when he looks up in anticipation of a reaction to the second event, of which he is proud?

5. What does N'ba N'ga say his relatives get from living on land?

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