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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following impossible fantasies does the narrator have in his shapeless form?
(a) Crossing his legs.
(b) Whistling.
(c) Shaking someone's hand.
(d) Snapping his fingers.

2. What is the first bet Qfwfq makes before the beginning of the universe?
(a) That there will be a universe.
(b) That matter will exist.
(c) That the universe will begin at a specific point.
(d) That there was a previous universe.

3. How many people does the narrator expect will see the second event in his life, of which he is proud, compared to the first more shaming moment?
(a) The same number who saw the first.
(b) No one.
(c) Less than saw the first.
(d) More than saw the first.

4. In the world millions of years later, where does the narrator see the image of the first female mollusk he interacts with?
(a) In all women.
(b) Nowhere.
(c) In only photographs and representations of women.
(d) In only one woman he sees for a fleeting moment.

5. What does Qfwfq think of N'ba N'ga's way of speaking?
(a) His singsong speech is annoying.
(b) His interesting metaphors are enlightening.
(c) He speaks in riddles that are difficult to understand.
(d) His language is archaic.

6. What variables does the narrator use to refer to the two moments in his life that he thinks others must be observing from far-away galaxies?
(a) The variables pi and phi.
(b) The variables x and y.
(c) The variables e and c.
(d) The variables a and b.

7. What sign does the narrator see, when he looks up in anticipation of a reaction to the second event, of which he is proud?
(a) Oh, well.
(b) I missed it.
(c) Not at home.
(d) Tra-la-la-la.

8. Where are the universes that the narrator sees as he falls?
(a) So near he can almost touch them.
(b) Very far away so he almost thinks they're illusions.
(c) All around, always near, but never crossing his path.
(d) Always above him as he falls away from them.

9. What unplanned benefit does the shell give the narrator?
(a) A weapon.
(b) Physical attraction for females.
(c) Protection.
(d) Camouflage.

10. How does the narrator feel about the female he comes to notice?
(a) He hates her.
(b) He is irritated by her.
(c) He doesn't care about her.
(d) He loves her.

11. How does the narrator first interact with a female?
(a) He bumps into her.
(b) He follows her path.
(c) He fertilizes her eggs.
(d) He dances around her.

12. What are the main things the narrator is aware of beyond himself?
(a) The dirt and the rain.
(b) The rock and the water.
(c) The mud and the plants.
(d) The sky and the air.

13. Where does N'ba N'ga live?
(a) In a quiet cove on the edge of the sea.
(b) In the shallow edge of a lagoon.
(c) In a bay inlet, near a waterfall.
(d) In a rock formation in a river.

14. When Fern-flower dreams of a dinosaur being teased, what does she do in the dream?
(a) She teases the dinosaur.
(b) She watches and finds it funny.
(c) She watches and finds it upsetting.
(d) She protects the dinosaur.

15. To what does the narrator compare the paths of the characters' falls?
(a) Lines of handwriting.
(b) Vines on a trellis.
(c) Strands of hair.
(d) Metal chains.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lll dare Qfwfq to do when they are playing near the water?

2. What sign does the narrator finally choose as his response to the first sign?

3. Who gives Qfwfq and Dean (k)yK the libraries, magazines, and computers they need for their calculations?

4. What are the first things Qfwfq and Dean (k)yK have to bet with?

5. After the narrator speculates that Ursula H'x and Lieutenant Fenimore might have met at some time in the past, what does he deduce from this speculation?

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