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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Mrs. Vhd Vhd at the end of the story?
(a) Back on the boat with the others.
(b) Drifting down into the water.
(c) Climbing down from the moon.
(d) Trapped on the moon forever.

2. Where does Qfwfq see his sister again?
(a) Melbourne.
(b) Brisbane.
(c) Perth.
(d) Canberra.

3. How often does the moon return to its position, close to the Earth?
(a) Once a day.
(b) Once a year.
(c) Once a month.
(d) Once a week.

4. What does Mrs. Ph(i)nK_0 want to make for everyone?
(a) Bread.
(b) Noodles.
(c) Aperitifs.
(d) Pie.

5. How does Qfwfq feel at first, after realizing he is trapped on the moon?
(a) He is angry at Captain Vhd Vhd.
(b) He is frightened about what will happen to him.
(c) He is annoyed that he will be away from his home.
(d) He is glad to be alone with Mrs. Vhd Vhd.

6. Who is Qfwfq in love with?
(a) Mrs. Vhd Vhd.
(b) The moon.
(c) Xlthlx.
(d) The Deaf One.

7. Who is Mrs. Ph(i)nK_0's lover?
(a) De XuaeauX.
(b) Mr. Z'zu.
(c) Mr. Pber^t Pber^d.
(d) Qfwfq.

8. What does Qfwfq do when he locates Ayl?
(a) He sits down to watch her.
(b) He hides from her.
(c) He shouts to her.
(d) He grabs her.

9. What quality does Qfwfq ascribe to Mrs. Ph(i)nK_0?
(a) Rectitude.
(b) Generosity.
(c) Certainty.
(d) Excitability.

10. What do the characters collect from the moon?
(a) Moon-wine.
(b) Moon-juice.
(c) Moon-water.
(d) Moon-milk.

11. What simile does Qfwfq use to describe the conditions before the Big Bang, though he admits it's inaccurate?
(a) Snug as bugs.
(b) Packed like sardines.
(c) Tied together like a knot.
(d) Cozy as a kitten.

12. What does Ayl do when the meteorite flies overhead?
(a) She falls to the ground.
(b) She runs away.
(c) She stops moving and remains still.
(d) She starts to scream.

13. Where does Qfwfq later meet Ayl again?
(a) On a mountain.
(b) In a garden.
(c) In a ravine.
(d) On a cliff.

14. How does Qfwfq personify the other galaxies he goes by?
(a) He says that they're pigheaded.
(b) He says that they're jealous.
(c) He says that they're happy.
(d) He says that they're sorrowful.

15. What instrument does Mrs. Vhd Vhd play?
(a) The viola.
(b) The harmonica.
(c) The dulcimer.
(d) The harp.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Qfwfq feel about the colors that fill the Earth?

2. What does Qfwfq make in his secret storeroom?

3. What does Pfwfp shout to Qfwfq as he pursues him in the new game?

4. What is Father's reaction when the visiting aunts and uncles decide to leave?

5. What does Qfwfq say about space and time before the Big Bang?

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