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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Qfwfq feel as he continues to wait to find his sign after the first galactic revolution?
(a) He is more and more frustrated.
(b) He is more and more excited.
(c) He is more and more angry.
(d) He is more and more discouraged.

2. What rule does Pfwfp invent for the game?
(a) When an atom is ruined, the opponent needs to replace it.
(b) When an atom is ruined, the game is void, and you start over.
(c) When an atom is ruined, it is out, and the thrower misses a turn.
(d) When an atom is ruined, the turn doesn't count, and the thrower goes again.

3. What does Ayl do when the meteorite flies overhead?
(a) She falls to the ground.
(b) She runs away.
(c) She starts to scream.
(d) She stops moving and remains still.

4. What causes the sea creatures to go up into the air?
(a) The attraction of the moon.
(b) The push of the tides.
(c) The motion of the boats.
(d) The density of the air.

5. What does Qfwfq say about space and time before the Big Bang?
(a) There was no space but lots of time.
(b) There was no space and very little time.
(c) There was no space or time.
(d) There was no time and very little space.

6. What instrument does Mrs. Vhd Vhd play?
(a) The harp.
(b) The harmonica.
(c) The viola.
(d) The dulcimer.

7. What does Qfwfq suspect, when he figures out that Pfwfp is stockpiling hydrogen atoms?
(a) That Pfwfp is going to start a hydrogen war with Qwfq.
(b) That Pfwfp is going to build a star, which will then produce even more hydrogen.
(c) That Pfwfp wants to collect all the hydrogen in the universe for himself.
(d) That Pfwfp wants to make a new universe of his own.

8. How old is Pfwfp, compared to Qfwfq?
(a) A child about the same age as Qfwfq.
(b) A younger child than Qfwfq, who looks up to him.
(c) A child older than Qfwfq, who feels superior to him.
(d) A young adult who still plays with the child Qfwfq.

9. What is Mr. Pber^t Pber^d doing now?
(a) He works for a government agency.
(b) He works for a plastics firm.
(c) He works for an electronics firm.
(d) He works for a travel agency.

10. What does Qfwfq complain about the Z'zu family wanting to do?
(a) Stay up late and listen to loud music.
(b) Hang washing on a clothes line.
(c) Hold large dances.
(d) Leave a bicycle out in the middle of everything.

11. Who is the Deaf One in love with?
(a) Qfwfq.
(b) The moon.
(c) Xlthlx.
(d) Mrs. Vhd Vhd.

12. Who is the Deaf One's cousin?
(a) Xlthlx.
(b) Qfwfq.
(c) Mrs. Vhd Vhd.
(d) Captain Vhd Vhd.

13. What problem does the change in density of the planet's matter cause for Qfwfq's mother?
(a) She can't stand still.
(b) She can't eat.
(c) She can't sit down.
(d) She can't sleep.

14. Who does Grandma Bb'b think stole her cushion?
(a) Qfwfq
(b) Rwzfs
(c) G'd(w)^n
(d) Mr. Hnw

15. Who is Mrs. Ph(i)nK_0's lover?
(a) Qfwfq.
(b) Mr. Pber^t Pber^d.
(c) Mr. Z'zu.
(d) De XuaeauX.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Qfwfq use to stick together the creation he makes in his secret storeroom?

2. What does Pfwfp shout to Qfwfq as he pursues him in the new game?

3. How old is Qfwfq in At Daybreak?

4. What constantly strikes the Earth?

5. How does Ayl feel when she first sees Qfwfq?

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