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The Distance of the Moon

1. From here do Qfwfq and the other characters climb up to the moon?
(a) The Cadmium Mountains.
(b) The Zinc Cliffs.
(c) The Iron Hill.
(d) The Carbon Plateau.

2. Who is the Deaf One's cousin?
(a) Xlthlx.
(b) Qfwfq.
(c) Captain Vhd Vhd.
(d) Mrs. Vhd Vhd.

3. What are the characters' boats made of?
(a) Soap.
(b) Cork.
(c) Wood.
(d) Sandstone.

4. What causes the sea creatures to go up into the air?
(a) The attraction of the moon.
(b) The density of the air.
(c) The motion of the boats.
(d) The push of the tides.

5. What do the characters use to climb up to the moon?
(a) Ladders.
(b) Ropes.
(c) Stairs.
(d) Trellises.

6. What do the characters collect from the moon?
(a) Moon-juice.
(b) Moon-wine.
(c) Moon-milk.
(d) Moon-water.

7. What tools do the characters use to gather food from the moon?
(a) A stick and cone.
(b) A shovel and bag.
(c) A straw and cannister.
(d) A spoon and bucket.

8. What instrument does Mrs. Vhd Vhd play?
(a) The dulcimer.
(b) The harp.
(c) The viola.
(d) The harmonica.

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