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Lesson 1 (from The Distance of the Moon)


In "The Distance of the Moon," two types of attraction are portrayed and contrasted, personal romantic attraction and gravitational attraction. The objective of this lesson is to examine the story's portrayal of attraction.


1) Write the word "attraction" on the board. Ask the students to brainstorm ideas and concepts related to the word "attraction." As students come up with ideas, write them on the board. Once the class has brainstormed for a set time, ask the students if they can break the ideas up into categories, and as students suggest categories, group the phrase on the board. Ask the students in what ways the idea of attraction they've developed is represented in the story. After the exercise, have each student write a definition of the term "attraction."

2) As a class, make a list of characters in the story, and how (and to what) they're attracted. Ask...

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