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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose is the fourth remark that the Chair reads?
(a) Mr. Yates'.
(b) Mr. Pinkerton's.
(c) Mr. Richards'.
(d) Mr. Cox's.

2. What does Mr. Richards say he has walked into?
(a) The circles of hell.
(b) A love triangle.
(c) A trap.
(d) A circus.

3. At whom is Burgess' sermon aimed?
(a) People gossiping.
(b) People living no life.
(c) People concealing sin.
(d) People lying.

4. Who do the Richardses imagine is listening to them in the next room?
(a) Burgess.
(b) The stranger.
(c) Mr. Cox.
(d) Their servant.

5. Where does Mr. Richards tell his wife to put the checks?
(a) In the fire.
(b) In the lake.
(c) In the cellar.
(d) In the bank.

6. What does the stranger say he received when he passed through Hadleyburg?
(a) $20.
(b) A bottle of wine.
(c) A deep offense.
(d) A punch on the nose.

7. Who do the Richardses see on the way home?
(a) Reverend Burgess.
(b) Mr. Cox.
(c) The stranger.
(d) Mr. Halliday.

8. Who do the Richardses say the checks came from?
(a) God.
(b) Death.
(c) The stranger.
(d) Satan.

9. Who interrupts the hatter?
(a) The blacksmith.
(b) The baker.
(c) The butcher.
(d) The tanner.

10. What are the gallery fronts clothed in?
(a) Silk.
(b) Ribbons.
(c) Flags.
(d) Colored paper.

11. What does the narrator say the stranger looks like?
(a) A butcher.
(b) A dentist.
(c) An amateur detective.
(d) A thief.

12. Why does the doctor say the town is distressed?
(a) The Richardses were the town's last two honest people.
(b) The Richardses have threatened to kill themselves.
(c) The Richardses have burned their money.
(d) The Richardses have contracted a contagious disease.

13. What does Mr. Richards ask his wife to do to him?
(a) Kiss him.
(b) Kick him.
(c) Slap him.
(d) Fan him.

14. What is Mr. Wilson's occupation?
(a) A lawyer.
(b) A doctor.
(c) A dentist.
(d) A reporter.

15. What tone of voice does the Tanner use to say that the money should be divided among the 18 incorruptibles?
(a) Sarcastic.
(b) Fun filled.
(c) Hate filled.
(d) Loving.

Short Answer Questions

1. What word is the difference between Wilson and Billson's note?

2. What did the Richardses do after the church service?

3. How does the house react to Mr. Wilson's speech?

4. Whose is the fifth remark that the Chair reads?

5. With what does Sarah think the Richards' minds has been affected?

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