The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg Character Descriptions

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John Wharton Billson - He is the first of the nineteen claiming ownership of the sack. When Burgess reads his name, the crowd doubts that he could have been so generous.

Reverend Burgess - He repays his perceived debt by not announcing Edward's name at the town meeting, which leads everyone to believe that Edward is the only truly honest man in town.

Mr. Cox - He is the second person to learn about the gold sack when Edward Richards submits the advertisement to him. He dutifully forwards the information to the central office, but hurries back to stop it, hoping to keep the money for himself.

Barclay Goodson - The town surmises that only this character was generous enough to give a stranger twenty dollars. Though he once lived in Hadleyburg, he was not born or raised there.

Jack Halliday - He is described as...

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