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Part 1

• The narrator describes Hadleyburg as a small town renowned for its honesty.

• The residents of Hadleyburg train their citizens in the virtues of honesty as soon as they are born and the lessons continue through their school years.

• Although other towns are jealous of Hadleyburg's reputation, they admit that all a young man from Hadleyburg needs is proof that he is a citizen of the town.

• One day a Hadleyburg citizen insults a stranger passing through the town. The stranger is a vengeful man and promises to get his revenge.

• Six months after the stranger was insulted, he knocks on Mr. and Richards' door, carrying a large sack.

• The stranger tells Mrs. Richards that he is delivering the sack to its rightful owner. He says a note attached to the sack explains everything.

• Mrs. Richards reads the strangers notes. The stranger writes that a Hadleyburg resident once...

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