Confessions Character Descriptions

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Augustine (of Hippo), St. Augustine - He is born in the town of Tagaste, in North Africa. His mother's name is Monica and his father is Patricius.

God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit - They are the objects of Augustine's devotion.

Monica - She is Augustine's mother. At first, she is more interested in Augustine fulfilling his promise as an intellectual and teacher.

Patricius - He is Augustine's father. He is not a Christian, only a catechumen in the church.

Faustus, Bishop Faustus - He is a leader of the Manichean sect. After long anticipation, Augustine meets him in Carthage and has long discussions with him.

Alypius - He is Augustine's pupil in Carthage, and later becomes Augustine's close companion.

Adeodatus - He is Augustine's son, born from Augustine's long-time woman.

Victorinus - He is the translator of Platonic works from Greek to Latin.

Nebridius - He...

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