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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2, My Father's Death.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the doctor decide was ailing Zeno?
(a) He had a chronic lung disorder.
(b) His stomach lacked acid.
(c) He was depressed.
(d) He was addicted to smoking.

2. What phrase does Zeno use to describe Dr. Muli?
(a) Aggressively cheerful.
(b) Of uncertain age.
(c) Lean but strong.
(d) The picture of elegance.

3. What did Zeno tell his father he was doing with his coat?
(a) Looking for loose change.
(b) Brushing it off.
(c) Counting buttons.
(d) Admiring the color.

4. Who was Dr. Muli?
(a) The doctor who treated Zeno's chronic sore throat.
(b) The doctor with the electrical shock device.
(c) A doctor who opened a sanatorium in Trieste.
(d) A doctor who treated people for love addiction.

5. Using which words does Zeno describe Giovanna?
(a) Large and overbearing.
(b) Mean and cold.
(c) Competent and no-nonsense.
(d) Shrill and little.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who asked Zeno if he thought death was the end of everything?

2. Whom does Zeno say was left to guard him in the sanatorium?

3. How long did Zeno listen to his friend's lecture about the Greeks and the Hebrews?

4. When Zeno became ill with a painful sore throat and a fever, what did he resolve to do?

5. How does Zeno always try to quit smoking?

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