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This city is sometimes under Italian occupation and sometimes under Austrian rule.


This is a therapeutic method for curing mental illness, which involves the patient talking to a doctor. It was created by Dr. Sigmund Freud around 1900.

The Bourse

This is the place where gentlemen go to gamble on the stock market.


This is a poison which can be fatal, but not if the victim receives prompt medical attention.

Basedow's Disease

Ada has this syndrome, and it is commonly associated with an overactive thyroid.

Guido Speier & Co.

This is where Zeno meets Carmen.


Guido is good enough at this to be a professional, while Zeno is terrible at it.


This is where Zeno's family is when World War I descends upon them.

L.C. (Last Cigarette)

Every event in Zeno's life is marked by this.

World War I

This begins just at the...

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