Confessions of Zeno Character Descriptions

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Zeno Cosini - This character is the narrator of the book and the writer of the journal.

Guido Speier - This character is naive and immature but a masterful violinist.

Ada Malfenti - This character has an interest in communing with the spirit world.

Augusta Malfenti - This character is described as submissive. This person has a sweet-nature and abundant health.

Silva Cosini, Zeno's Father - This character is described as weak, serious, and boring.

Giovanni Malfenti - This character shouts many sensible pieces of business advice.

Signora Malfenti - This character is one of the only major characters not given a first name and usually shows up to perform the role of chaperon or protector.

Olivi - This character is an accountant and later a guardian.

Carla Gerco - This character is an aspiring singer.

Carmen - This character is humble enough to go fishing with...

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