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My Gardenappears in Poem 99

This place, presumably close to Emily's house, is the setting of many of her poems.

Canaanappears in Poem 168

This is the land promised to the Israelites after they were led by God from bondage in Egypt.

Pompeiiappears in Poem 175

This is a Roman city destroyed during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

Amherstappears in Poem 215

This is Emily's hometown.

Four Divisions of the Earthappears in Poem 1134

This idea refers to the world as a whole.

Azofappears in Poem 1137

This is a riverside town in Russia well-known for its shipping trade.

Ophirappears in Poems 1366 A, B, & C

This is an area mentioned in the Bible. It is recorded that King Solomon often had expensive items imported from this wealthy area.

Gethsemaneappears in Poem 1432

This is the area where Jesus prayed the night before the crucifixion. It is also the spot where Jesus was arrested by the...

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