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Michael Capuzzo
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Suddenly, Joseph was being pulled down by his leg. His brother Michael and a rescuer, Jacob Lefferts, both leaped in the water and tried to wrest Joseph from the shark's mouth. They were able to pull Joseph out and onto whose boat?
(a) Burlew's.
(b) Captain Cottrell's.
(c) Renny Cartan's.
(d) Fisher's.

2. The shark hunters spotted what and shot at it repeatedly?
(a) A school of fish.
(b) A dark spot in the water.
(c) A red spot in the water.
(d) A large fin.

3. Where was this bay located?
(a) Between Queens and Brooklyn.
(b) Between Manhattan and the Bronx.
(c) Between New Jersey and Manhattan.
(d) Between New Jersey and Staten Island.

4. When Lester was pulled under by the shark, the boys ran into town and told ___________________ what had happened.
(a) Patrolman Mulsoff.
(b) Sergeant Mulsoff.
(c) Captain Mulsoff.
(d) Constable Mulsoff.

5. The men thought once the shark was killed, it would do what?
(a) Disintegrate.
(b) Sink.
(c) Surface.
(d) Go out to sea.

Short Answer Questions

1. An influx of salt water to the creek did what?

2. Joseph Dunn, his brother Michael and their friend Jerry Hollohan in __________________, a community downstream from the town of Matawan, had missed the warnings and cut through the woods for a quick swim in the creek.

3. Dr. Herbert Cooley at Keyport tended to Joseph when he was brought ashore. Joseph's ______________ received a large bite. The doctor treated the wound and had Joseph rushed to the hospital.

4. _______ Craven, walking along the bank of the creek, had just about given up on the shark when he saw something bobbing in the water. It was Lester.

5. Cottrell did what to warn people about the shark?

Short Essay Questions

1. How were New York and New Jersey's economies affected by this shark? How did the people of these states react to this? How did this lead to federal government efforts?

2. If the shark was near the shark-patrol boat, why were they unable to catch it or shoot it?

3. What was done to help keep swimmers safe? Was this effective? Why or why not?

4. What led the shark to Matawan?

5. What is a rogue shark? How did this term come about?

6. What did Fisher set up in the creek? Why did he do this?

7. What was done to try to catch the shark? Why did people react this way?

8. What might have caused the shark to head north?

9. Whom did newspaper reporters in New York contact regarding shark attacks? Why did they contact this man?

10. What might have drawn the shark to the shark-patrol boat? Why?

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