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Michael Capuzzo
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Much to Everingham's surprise, what did he see?
(a) Nothing.
(b) A large orca speed right toward his boat.
(c) A small dolphin speed right toward his boat.
(d) A gray fin cut the surface and speed right toward his boat.

2. The shark withstood the vengeance of man and days enduring life-threatening fresh water and made its way to ______________ Bay.
(a) Sheepshead.
(b) Raritan.
(c) Corio.
(d) Caneel.

3. _______ Craven, walking along the bank of the creek, had just about given up on the shark when he saw something bobbing in the water. It was Lester.
(a) Jerry.
(b) Ed.
(c) Fred.
(d) Bob.

4. Where was this bay located?
(a) Between Queens and Brooklyn.
(b) Between Manhattan and the Bronx.
(c) Between New Jersey and Staten Island.
(d) Between New Jersey and Manhattan.

5. As the shark-patrol steered its motorboats back and forth, hunting for the shark, the shark was doing what?
(a) Hunting for humans.
(b) Heading south.
(c) Picking up the many vibrations and sensations that the boats were causing.
(d) Heading north.

Short Answer Questions

1. Coppleson felt there was evidence that if a shark experiences killing or mauling humans, he does what?

2. The US Bureau of ______________ declared that people should not be deterred from going into the waters since "sharks were not vicious" (p. 82). Sharks were deemed to be less a threat to man than horses and dogs.

3. Why is it difficult to catch serial-killing man-eating sharks?

4. How did Everingham attempt to protect himself?

5. The next morning, retired ______________ Thomas V. Cottrell was walking along the bank of the creek.

Short Essay Questions

1. How did the boys react to Lester Stilwell being pull under by the shark? Was this a good idea? Why or why not?

2. Whom did newspaper reporters in New York contact regarding shark attacks? Why did they contact this man?

3. What happened to both Joseph and Stanley Fisher?

4. What proof does Chapter 11 give to suggest this was a young shark?

5. How do events in this story prove that not everyone had heard about the man-eating shark?

6. What had occurred by July 9th? Why?

7. What might have caused the shark to head north?

8. How did Renny's cousin and friends react to the scratch marks on Renny's body and his fear? Why might they have reacted in this way?

9. What did Fisher set up in the creek? Why did he do this?

10. Describe the first realization that a shark had entered the Matawan Creek.

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