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Michael Capuzzo
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lucas had sent whom to the scene of the shark attack on Charles Bruder?
(a) Dr. Smith.
(b) Dr. Nichols.
(c) Dr. Neergaard.
(d) Dr. Johnson.

2. The beating with the oar and the gunshots had, like some old-time fishermen predicted, probably done what?
(a) Forced it farther out to sea.
(b) Scared it south.
(c) Killed the shark.
(d) Caused the shark to drift north.

3. Why might the juvenile shark that attacked the men have turned toward the coast when it reached Sandy Hook Bay on its northward migration?
(a) It may have sensed that it wouldn't survive in the open ocean.
(b) It was attracted by the smell of humans.
(c) It was confused.
(d) It was hungry.

4. What was wrong with the North Atlantic region for the shark?
(a) It was very warm.
(b) It was very cold.
(c) It did not offer him many food choices.
(d) It had too many animals from which to choose.

5. The men began launching ________________ in various parts of the creek.
(a) Spears.
(b) Grenades.
(c) Dynamite blasts.
(d) Tear gas canisters.

Short Answer Questions

1. The great white can grow to _____________ feet or more and weigh several tons.

2. The next morning, retired ______________ Thomas V. Cottrell was walking along the bank of the creek.

3. Lester Stilwell left his job in _________________ and met his friends at the creek.

4. The expert and some of his assistants had witnessed sharks first hand and had observed how difficult it was for them to do what?

5. ___________________ of sharks were hunted down and slaughtered.

Short Essay Questions

1. After the attack on Charles Bruder, what happened to the news regarding the shark? Why did this happen?

2. Describe what took place on July 7, 1916.

3. If the shark was near the shark-patrol boat, why were they unable to catch it or shoot it?

4. Describe the first realization that a shark had entered the Matawan Creek.

5. How was John Nichols finally forced to believe that sharks could be deadly to humans?

6. What was done to try to catch the shark? Why did people react this way?

7. Describe the health of the average great white. How does this compare to the juvenile shark that attacked in 1916?

8. Why might Bruder's legs not have been satisfying for the shark?

9. What did Lucas and others think about the idea of man-eating sharks? How did they support this belief?

10. What had occurred by July 9th? Why?

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