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Michael Capuzzo
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. _______________ staff physician, Dr. William G. Schauffler, completed the official report.
(a) The Governor's.
(b) The Mayor's.
(c) The President's.
(d) The hotel manager's.

2. In 1915, a _______________ editorial was written entitled, "Let Us Do Justice To Sharks."
(a) New York Times.
(b) New York Post.
(c) USA Today.
(d) New Yorker.

3. The people irrationally linked the great white attack to what?
(a) German U-Boats.
(b) God's wrath.
(c) The U.S. Navy.
(d) Unruly teenagers.

4. By the time Oelrichs died in __________, no proof of the shark's danger to man had been produced.
(a) 1900.
(b) 1901.
(c) 1912.
(d) 1906.

5. The only known evidence of a shark attack had been what?
(a) Tall tales by sailors and fishermen.
(b) There has been no evidence.
(c) A blurry photo of a shark ready to chomp down on a man.
(d) A death certificate saying that someone had died from a shark bite.

Short Answer Questions

1. Long distance swimmer, Robert W. Dowling, ________________, announced he would swim out four miles in the Atlantic--sharks be damned!

2. The next day, articles appeared in both the New York Times and the Philadelphia Inquirer about the shark attack. Where were these articles located?

3. What happened to the two long distance swimmers on July 6, 1916?

4. The great white, even in modern times, remains what?

5. Twenty-six teeth are contained in the top row and ______________ in the bottom row.

Short Essay Questions

1. What about swimmers specifically at this time helped sharks to believe humans were actually sea creatures? Would this be a problem today? Why or why not?

2. Why is it more dangerous to swim with dogs?

3. How had beach life changed over the years? How might this also have played a role in the chance for shark attacks?

4. How did Dr. Vansant try to save his son? Why was this not adequate?

5. What might have drawn the shark to Charles Vansant?

6. When did information regarding Charles' death finally appear in the news? Describe this information. Why might it the information have appeared this way?

7. Why did Charles Bruder decide to go for a swim?

8. What did most people think about the idea of a shark attacking a human? Why did they believe this?

9. What information is given about great whites in this section? How is this important?

10. What took place as soon as Bruger was brought to shore?

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