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Michael Capuzzo
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What had appeared in the paper about the attack?
(a) Nothing.
(b) A small article on the back page.
(c) An article on the front page.
(d) Some information in the middle of the paper.

2. Successive rows of additional teeth are poised behind the functional teeth, ready to replace them when they are discarded. Every ______________ weeks, a new, serrated set of teeth replaces the current set.
(a) Three or four.
(b) Four or five.
(c) Five or six.
(d) Two or three.

3. While the young shark is off the coast of Florida, it may be caught in the warm Gulf Stream currents, which does what to the shark?
(a) The high temperature makes it hungry for human flesh.
(b) The high temperature makes it irritable and hungry.
(c) The high temperature disorients the shark.
(d) The high temperature makes it uncomfortable and struggle to hunt and feed.

4. The only known evidence of a shark attack had been what?
(a) A death certificate saying that someone had died from a shark bite.
(b) Tall tales by sailors and fishermen.
(c) There has been no evidence.
(d) A blurry photo of a shark ready to chomp down on a man.

5. What rumors were rampant?
(a) Sharks were patrolling offshore.
(b) The water was polluted.
(c) The young people were causing problems on the beach.
(d) German U-boats were patrolling offshore.

Short Answer Questions

1. In large part, why has the great white escaped scientific scrutiny?

2. What probably made Charles more vulnerable?

3. Word spread about the experiment with what conclusion?

4. What did some think had killed Charles Bruder?

5. What were women doing that was scandalous to many?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Dr. Vansant try to save his son? Why was this not adequate?

2. What were the beliefs of many who heard the news of Bruder's death?

3. When did information regarding Charles' death finally appear in the news? Describe this information. Why might it the information have appeared this way?

4. How did shark attacks become more possible in the summer of 1916?

5. What happens by the time a shark is eight years old? How is this significant?

6. Describe the attack on Bruder.

7. What information is given about great whites in this section? How is this important?

8. What took place as soon as Bruger was brought to shore?

9. How is the behavior of a young shark different from an older shark? What might this say about the shark that attacked in 1916?

10. What might have drawn the shark to Charles Vansant?

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