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Michael Capuzzo
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lucas had sent whom to the scene of the shark attack on Charles Bruder?
(a) Dr. Smith.
(b) Dr. Nichols.
(c) Dr. Johnson.
(d) Dr. Neergaard.

2. There was a report of a thirteen-foot tiger shark that was towed ashore while still alive regurgitating, among other items, what?
(a) A squid.
(b) A well-preserved human arm.
(c) A rubber tire.
(d) A small school of fish.

3. Much to Everingham's surprise, what did he see?
(a) A gray fin cut the surface and speed right toward his boat.
(b) Nothing.
(c) A small dolphin speed right toward his boat.
(d) A large orca speed right toward his boat.

4. Why is it difficult to catch serial-killing man-eating sharks?
(a) The water conceals their crimes and aids in their escape.
(b) The sharks are shy.
(c) These sharks are very intelligent and devious.
(d) Men do not know much about sea creatures.

5. Why might the juvenile shark that attacked the men have turned toward the coast when it reached Sandy Hook Bay on its northward migration?
(a) It may have sensed that it wouldn't survive in the open ocean.
(b) It was attracted by the smell of humans.
(c) It was hungry.
(d) It was confused.

6. In 1922, two _____________ were attacked and killed at the same location, Coogee Beach, by large sharks that struck them with such force that they were lifted from the water.
(a) Surfers.
(b) Swimmers.
(c) Divers.
(d) Boaters.

7. The man the reporters visited was director of what?
(a) Liberty Science Center.
(b) The Sony Wonder Lab.
(c) The American Museum of Natural History.
(d) The Rose Center.

8. A lunar eclipse would be occurring on July _______ that year.
(a) 27th.
(b) 20th.
(c) 14th.
(d) 24th.

9. The reporters had endless questions about what?
(a) Sea creatures.
(b) Sharks.
(c) Attacks on humans by animals.
(d) Man-eating sharks.

10. When the attacks stopped, Coppleson took it as what evidence?
(a) There were less humans in the water.
(b) The sharks were no longer interested in attacking humans.
(c) The attacks were by the same rogue shark that had either died or moved on.
(d) The sharks had all been killed.

11. What was done to keep swimmers safe in the Asbury Park area?
(a) Guards sat in boats in the water looking for the shark.
(b) They were not allowed in the water.
(c) They were told to wear bright colors in the water.
(d) A wire mesh net was being constructed.

12. Hearing about the attacks, ichthyologist John Nichols drove from New York City to the Matawan Creek. Where did he stop first?
(a) Renny's home.
(b) The place where Renny was first scratched by the shark.
(c) The mouth of the creek.
(d) The constable's office.

13. Men all over the region were reaching for their rifles and harpoons to hunt the beast down and kill it. A _______________ dollar reward was offered by the mayor of Matawan for the person who killed it.
(a) One-hundred.
(b) Five-hundred.
(c) Three-hundred.
(d) Two-hundred.

14. Why did the shark do this to Renny?
(a) Probably to sate his hunger.
(b) Probably to see what kind of creature he was.
(c) Probably to get a sense of his size.
(d) Probably to see if he would taste good.

15. Renny jumped in the cool, dark waters but soon had what sensation?
(a) A sharp, stabbing pain in his leg.
(b) A sharp, stabbing pain in his side.
(c) A strange sensation tearing across his chest.
(d) A strange sensation tearing across his leg.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Fisher set up so the boy's body wouldn't wash out to sea?

2. Benjamin Everingham had been instructed to bring a rifle and ax along. Why did he not bring any weapons?

3. What had drawn the shark?

4. He was finally able to get away from it and was carrying what was left of Lester to the shore when what happened?

5. Just before they gave up, Fisher decided to dive one more time. He resurfaced and told Lester's waiting parents and the others what?

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