Close to Shore: The Terrifying Shark Attacks of 1916 Test | Final Test - Easy

Michael Capuzzo
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The attack made the ________________ in the newspapers.
(a) Second pages.
(b) Back pages.
(c) Headlines.
(d) Middle pages.

2. Cottrell did what to warn people about the shark?
(a) He steered his motorboat up and down the creek.
(b) He posted a warning as his Facebook status.
(c) He telephoned everyone he knew.
(d) He posted signs to stay out of the water.

3. Lucas had sent whom to the scene of the shark attack on Charles Bruder?
(a) Dr. Nichols.
(b) Dr. Johnson.
(c) Dr. Smith.
(d) Dr. Neergaard.

4. The beating with the oar and the gunshots had, like some old-time fishermen predicted, probably done what?
(a) Forced it farther out to sea.
(b) Killed the shark.
(c) Scared it south.
(d) Caused the shark to drift north.

5. The shark hunters spotted what and shot at it repeatedly?
(a) A dark spot in the water.
(b) A large fin.
(c) A red spot in the water.
(d) A school of fish.

6. On July ____, 1916, a small group of men and their boats were organized to hunt the man-eater down.
(a) 28.
(b) 21.
(c) 14.
(d) 7.

7. Fisher and fisherman George _________________ made repeated dives into the murky water but could not find Lester.
(a) Barrows.
(b) Burlew.
(c) Barringer.
(d) Barlow.

8. What had drawn the shark?
(a) The smell of the boys.
(b) The splashing of the boys.
(c) The sounds of the boys.
(d) The warm water.

9. The men began launching ________________ in various parts of the creek.
(a) Spears.
(b) Dynamite blasts.
(c) Tear gas canisters.
(d) Grenades.

10. The US Bureau of ______________ declared that people should not be deterred from going into the waters since "sharks were not vicious" (p. 82). Sharks were deemed to be less a threat to man than horses and dogs.
(a) The Interior.
(b) Sharks.
(c) Fisheries.
(d) Oceans.

11. What did Fisher set up so the boy's body wouldn't wash out to sea?
(a) A cage to catch the body.
(b) A barrier of chicken wire down creek.
(c) A dam made from wood.
(d) A patrol of men to look for the body.

12. Why did the shark do this to Renny?
(a) Probably to see if he would taste good.
(b) Probably to get a sense of his size.
(c) Probably to see what kind of creature he was.
(d) Probably to sate his hunger.

13. Most of the flesh on Fisher's thigh from his hip to his knee was gone. When a doctor was finally rounded up, he observed that the bone was not severed but his ____________ artery was bleeding profusely.
(a) Elastic.
(b) Systemic.
(c) Femoral.
(d) Pulmonary.

14. By July _______, bathers returned and ventured back into the water, seeming to forget about the recent attacks.
(a) 12th.
(b) 9th.
(c) 21st.
(d) 27th.

15. Despite their efforts, what happened to the beaches?
(a) They became polluted.
(b) They were still very busy.
(c) They were abandoned.
(d) They continued to attract tourists who wanted to see the shark.

Short Answer Questions

1. In New York City, some newspaper reporters visited whose office?

2. What were placed at the mouth of the creek so the shark could not escape?

3. A lunar eclipse would be occurring on July _______ that year.

4. What was wrong with the North Atlantic region for the shark?

5. Men all over the region were reaching for their rifles and harpoons to hunt the beast down and kill it. A _______________ dollar reward was offered by the mayor of Matawan for the person who killed it.

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