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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do Mark and his mom consider moving to as part of the witness protection program?
(a) Anchorage.
(b) Oklahoma.
(c) Portland.
(d) Concord.

2. Who will be in Judge Harry's court ASAP as part of Reggie's agreement?
(a) Foltrigg.
(b) Clifford.
(c) Muldanno.
(d) Mark.

3. What does Reggie call to get from Clint after returning to the hotel in Chapter 38?
(a) Airline tickets.
(b) More money.
(c) Foltrigg's address and phone number.
(d) Trumann's phone number.

4. Who is sent to retrieve the body?
(a) Foltrigg, Fink, and McThune.
(b) Leo, Ionucci, and the Bull.
(c) Muldanno, The Blade, and Leo.
(d) Sulari, Muldanno, and the Bull.

5. Who witnesses the body retrievers digging at Romey's house?
(a) Ballentine.
(b) Mark.
(c) Reggie.
(d) Fink.

6. Who convinces Mrs. Sway to take the witness protection plan?
(a) Trumann.
(b) Foltrigg.
(c) Clint.
(d) McThune.

7. Who tells the FBI agents to give Mark anything he wants to make him talk?
(a) McThune.
(b) Judge Harry.
(c) Muldanno.
(d) Lewis.

8. What ironic moment comes to Mark's mind as he awaits his private jet?
(a) He is scared to fly.
(b) This would make a great movie.
(c) He can never tell anyone about this.
(d) A kid at school made fun of him a few weeks before because he had never flown.

9. What makes the body retrievers leave the scene?
(a) They left to get dinner.
(b) They get spooked by scary noises.
(c) They forgot shovels.
(d) Sirens and cops next door.

10. Who does Judge Harry plan to subpoena to court?
(a) Brian Muldanno.
(b) Romey Clifford.
(c) Barry the Blade.
(d) Slick Moeller.

11. Where does Reggie meet the FBI director and agent?
(a) By Romey's house.
(b) In a restaurant.
(c) In her hotel room.
(d) At the airport.

12. Who do the police arrest in connection with the emergency at Reggie's office?
(a) Nance.
(b) Clint.
(c) Clifford.
(d) Muldanno.

13. What does the hospital agree to with the FBI?
(a) To close the wing that Ricky is in.
(b) To have extra security in place.
(c) To tap the phone in Ricky's room.
(d) To have motion detectors placed in all the air vents.

14. What is the emergency at Reggie's office in Chapter 28?
(a) Mark ran away.
(b) Clint didn't come back from lunch.
(c) Momma Love was missing.
(d) Reggie's office had been wired by the mob.

15. What do Mark and Reggie discuss as they near Romey's house?
(a) Whether they will seriously dig up the body.
(b) The movie that they'll make after this experience.
(c) What they will have for lunch.
(d) Life in the witness protection program.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Mark call from the hospital?

2. What does Mrs. Sway ban Mark from when they meet at the airport?

3. Why is Mark excited about getting on the plane?

4. Why does Reggie pass on the witness protection program for herself?

5. Who sees the body of Senator Boyette in Chapter 38?

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