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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Mark feel important on his way to the airport?
(a) He is being rushed to a private jet and protected by the FBI.
(b) He got new clothes and gets to see his mom again.
(c) He has decided to join the mafia when he grows up.
(d) He has finally seen a decomposing body and can tell Ricky all about it.

2. Who serves Mark a subpoena to appear at the New Orleans grand jury?
(a) Two local deputies.
(b) Doreen.
(c) Two U.S. Marshals.
(d) Reggie.

3. Where do Mark and his mom consider moving to as part of the witness protection program?
(a) Oklahoma.
(b) Anchorage.
(c) Portland.
(d) Concord.

4. Who tells Reggie there is an emergency at her office in Chapter 28?
(a) The cops.
(b) Foltrigg.
(c) Mark.
(d) Clint.

5. Who does Reggie call to tell her whereabouts?
(a) Momma Love.
(b) Clint.
(c) Judge Harry.
(d) Diane.

6. What do Reggie and Mrs. Sway hear in Chapter 29 that makes the reality of the mob danger hit home?
(a) Their horoscopes on the radio.
(b) The recording of Muldanno and Gronke.
(c) Excerpts from The Godfather.
(d) Mark quotes movies starring Andy Garcia.

7. What does Reggie tell Trumann at the end of the story?
(a) She's grown to have feelings for him.
(b) The location of the body.
(c) Goodbye and good riddance.
(d) Thank you.

8. Who calls Ricky's room to let Mrs. Sway know that her son is safe?
(a) Momma Love.
(b) Clint.
(c) Muldanno.
(d) Reggie.

9. What does Judge Harry ask Reggie to do in Chapter 30?
(a) Give up Mark's case.
(b) Push Mark's family to take the witness protection program.
(c) To poison Upchurch.
(d) To tell Mark to lie on the stand next time.

10. Why does Mrs. Sway finally give in to the witness protection plan?
(a) For the trip to Portland.
(b) She needs a vacation.
(c) It is her only option.
(d) For the great benefits.

11. What happens to Slick when he doesn't answer the judge's questions?
(a) Nothing.
(b) He is sent to jail.
(c) The bailiff vomits.
(d) His lawyers demand a continuance.

12. What does Reggie tell Clint as the Sways fly away?
(a) She wants to move to New Orleans.
(b) She wants to sell real estate.
(c) She wants to be a real estate lawyer.
(d) She wants to become a writer.

13. Who delivers the grand jury subpoenas to the U.S. Marshal in Memphis?
(a) Nance.
(b) Boxx.
(c) Fink.
(d) Foltrigg.

14. What upsets Judge Harry in Chapter 28?
(a) He is mad at the bailiff.
(b) Mark wouldn't answer his question.
(c) The juvenile hearing is all over the news.
(d) Clint interrupted his court.

15. When Foltrigg's men show up to question a person about Reggie's disappearance, what does the person do?
(a) Pretends to be sick.
(b) Tells them again that Reggie doesn't live there.
(c) Stays in bed.
(d) Covers for Reggie.

Short Answer Questions

1. What makes The Blade's request very difficult?

2. What is the allowance Mrs. Sway is to receive under Reggie's agreement?

3. What happens when the paramedics and nurse argue in the emergency room?

4. What news does Reggie share that makes Trumann giddy with anticipation?

5. How do Mark and Reggie make their way to Romey's house?

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