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1. Discuss Mark's knowledge of life.

Mark's knowledge of life comes from what he sees on television shows and movies. He mimics much of what he has seen actors do in their roles.

2. Describe The Blade's physical appearance.

The Blade has gelled black hair. He wears flashy suits and gold jewelry.

3. Discuss Ricky's diagnosis and symptoms.

Ricky was diagnosed with shock after seeing Romey shoot himself. Ricky's symptoms included sucking his thumb and crying without tears.

4. What makes the investigating officer suspicious of Mark's story at the scene of Romey's death?

The investigating officer was suspicious of Mark's story because Mark slipped and referred to the dead man by his nickname. The officer also wonders why Mark anonymously reported the incident, yet returned to watch investigators process the scene.

5. What is Fink's relationship to Romey, and why is it important to this story?

Fink and Romey attended law school together. Fink is now an assistant U.S. attorney and Romey is a mob lawyer. Their relationship is important to the story because Romey uses their law school connection to almost confide in Fink regarding a case on which they are both working -- the death of Senator Boyette.

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