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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1 | Chapter 2)


As Chapter 1 begins, the reader gets a sense of what life is like for brothers Ricky and Mark. Chapter 1 begins with the young boys sneaking away for a smoke. Through this simple act, the author reveals quite a lot of information about the boys, their family, and the setting. This relevant information is called exposition. Today's objective is to define exposition and to identify the exposition of The Client.


1) Class discussion: As a class, develop a working definition of the term "exposition." Exposition is introductory information that gives the setting, creates tone, presents characters and other important information. Write the definition on the board and have students record it in their notebooks. What things are part of the exposition? What is the setting of The Client? What is the significance of the setting in this story?

2) Small groups: How important is the setting to this...

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