City of Ashes Character Descriptions

Cassandra Clare
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This character is the central protagonist in City of Ashes. She is a teenage girl who has recently discovered that she is a Shadowhunter. She is able to see through the "glamour" that hides the demons and other ugly truths from the human world.


This character is told in the narrative that his real name is Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern. He is a Shadowhunter who spent most of his childhood in exile with the man he believed to be his father.


This character is initially referred to as a "mundane," or normal teenager. However, in the course of City of Ashes, it becomes apparent that he has consumed vampire blood, and is eventually turned to a vampire himself.


This character is a werewolf and a former Shadowhunter. He spends much of his time acting as a father figure to the protagonist or spending time with her...

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