City of Ashes Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Cassandra Clare
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Prologue – Chapter 2

• City of Ashes is the second novel in Cassandra Clare’s urban fantasy young-adult series, The Mortal Instruments.

• The story opens with the Prologue, titled "Smoke and Diamonds."

• A rogue Shadowhunter named Valentine is in the penthouse of the Metropole in Manhattan.

• The apartment is uninhabited and Valentine has hired a young warlock named Elias to summon a demon named Argamon; Argamon escapes, killing Elias in the process.

• Argamon then turns to Valentine but Valentine says he has possession of the Mortal Cup and that Argamon must obey him or "face the consequences.”

• Argamon pledges obedience to Valentine.

• The first chapter of Part One, “Valentine's Arrow,” opens with a conversation between Alec and Jace.

• Alec and Jace argue over dragon demons until Alec's sister Isabelle intervenes.

• Maryse Lightwood, mother of Alec and Isabelle, arrives and says her youngest son, Max, is in his room and her...

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