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Francis Kalnay
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What causes Señor Muñez a great deal of stress?
(a) The death of his father.
(b) The serious injury his eldest son had.
(c) Decision making.
(d) The death of his first daughter.

2. What does Juan tell Pedro?
(a) They will be alright.
(b) They will have a great life in the city.
(c) Nothing.
(d) They will be allowed back when things calm.

3. What does Armando lie about to his father?
(a) That Juan allowed Chúcaro to kick him.
(b) That Juan told Armando Juan would hurt him later.
(c) That Pedro allowed Chúcaro to kick him.
(d) That Pedro told Armando Juan would hurt him later.

4. What is Juan making for Pedro?
(a) A bow and arrow.
(b) A bola small enough for him to handle.
(c) A flint and striker.
(d) A straw sun hat.

5. What is Juan making?
(a) A bola.
(b) A weapon similar to a boomerang.
(c) A halter.
(d) A slingshot.

6. Who accompanies Juan and Pedro until sunset?
(a) Pedro's grandfather.
(b) The old, third husband.
(c) Luisa's husband.
(d) Carlos.

7. What does the patrón want according to the mayordomo?
(a) Twenty percent greater productivity.
(b) A new breeding stallion.
(c) A nice pony for his son.
(d) A boy to run household errands.

8. What does Juan to do Armando?
(a) Tells him he is the winner.
(b) Ignores him.
(c) Slaps him.
(d) Shakes him.

9. How does the loss of much of his family's fortune impact Señor Muñez?
(a) He had to make his sons all work hard.
(b) He had to marry a different woman than the one he loves.
(c) He has to work on managing his ranch.
(d) He had to sell much of his land.

10. Why is Pedro about to cry?
(a) Because the mayordomo wants Juan to bring Chúcaro to the estanciero.
(b) Because the mayordomo wants Juan to take Chúcaro far away and release the horse.
(c) Because Juan will be gone several months.
(d) Because the mayordomo wants Juan to shoot Chúcaro.

11. What is attached to the end of the thing Juan is making?
(a) Rings.
(b) Balls.
(c) Ribbons.
(d) Horseshoes.

12. What would happen if Armando is successful?
(a) Pedro will have to decide if he will allow Armando to have Chúcaro.
(b) Armando will get Chúcaro but will have to pay a fair price.
(c) Pedro will share Chúcaro with Armando.
(d) Chúcaro will become his horse.

13. How had Señor Muñez lived long into his adult life?
(a) Life of luxury.
(b) A bachelor.
(c) Sickly.
(d) Under the strict rule of his father.

14. What destroys much of Señor Muñez's family fortune?
(a) Gambling.
(b) Taxes.
(c) Bad investments.
(d) Locusts.

15. How does Juan think the weather will change?
(a) It might get unseasonably hot.
(b) He does not think it will change.
(c) It might rain.
(d) It might clear up.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Armando?

2. What does the Vaquero suggest they do?

3. What does Señor Muñez not realize about Armando?

4. To whom does Armando's mother leave most of his upbringing?

5. What happens when a gaucho throws the thing Juan is making?

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