A Christmas Memory Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the woman.

The woman is in her 60's and dresses homely. The woman is not materialistic and is always thinking of others. She is religious, strong, and courageous yet she still acts like a child the majority of the time.

2. Why does the woman call Truman "Buddy"?

The woman had a childhood friend named Buddy, but he died long ago. She has not gotten over Buddy's death and so she calls Truman "Buddy".

3. Name some ways that Truman and the woman earned money to make fruitcake.

The woman and Truman enter contests, kill flies, sell jam and jelly, pick flowers for funerals, and produce their own show called Fun and Freak.

4. Do Truman and the woman fit in with society?

No. Both Truman and the woman are considered outsiders by their families and by other people. They live poor lives but they seem content with the way they live.

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