A Christmas Memory Fun Activities

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Christmas Tree Ornaments

Make a handmade ornament to be used on a Christmas tree. Try to make something simple yet beautiful; similar to an ornament that Truman would have made at the age of seven. Use simple materials such as paper, scissors, and glue.

Christmas Tradition

Research and come up with one important holiday tradition that you perform each year in your family. Bring examples to show or be prepared to explain this important tradition to the class.


Make a small kite and decorate the kite with images that remind you of A Christmas Memory.

Good Samaritan

Bring in a newspaper clipping of an example of someone being charitable to other people.

Share the Recipe

Find a favorite recipe you enjoy during the Christmas season. Make recipe cards with that recipe for each member of the class.

Charity Bake Sale

Bring a favorite dessert that you enjoy...

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