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Essay Topic 1

Truman and the woman are similar in many ways but they do have some distinguishable differences. Compare and contrast the two characters in detail. Explain their relationship and how they each affect the other characters in the book.

Essay Topic 2

The majority of A Christmas Memory takes place during Christmas time. Discuss the ways that Truman Capote brings out the themes of Christmas throughout his book.

Essay Topic 3

Truman Capote does a good job in explaining and describing many objects in the story. Capote describes each piece of money from the bead purse in different ways. Explain why you think Capote used such detail when describing money. Why do you think that is important? What element does it add to the story? Does it make the woman and Truman seem more poor? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 4

Choose one character other than Truman and the...

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