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Chapter Abstracts

* Truman Capote learns the true meaning of Christmas through his older cousin.

* Truman Capote's story takes the reader down Memory Lane to show how his cousin touched his life.

* The 60-year-old distant cousin considers 7-year-old Truman her best friend.

* The woman and Truman spend time together because they have no other friends.

* The woman had a childhood friend named Buddy who died long ago.

* The woman does not call Truman by his name but by the name Buddy.

* The woman doesn't get out much, cares nothing about her appearance, and lives by the Bible.

* Winter is an exciting time for Truman and the woman.

* At the beginning of the season the woman declares it as "fruitcake weather".

* The woman and Truman gather ingredients to make fruitcakes.

* The woman and Truman pick pecans from trees in another person's yard with their dog, Queenie.

* Truman and the woman raise...

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