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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Scrooge ask the first spirit to do for him?

2. What does Dickens say does not affect Scrooge?

3. What must Scrooge do in order to be taken back to his home?

4. How is the aura of Scrooge's first visitor described?

5. How does Scrooge respond to the invitation for a meal in Chapter 1?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Scrooge promise to the Spirit in exchange for a chance to change his fate?

2. What does Scrooge realize about interacting with the world?

3. What is the state of Tiny Tim?

4. What is the appearance of Jacob Marley when he visits Scrooge in his bedroom?

5. How do the people of London view Scrooge after his transformation, and what is Scrooge's response to the people of London?

6. How does Scrooge treat Tiny Tim after Christmas?

7. How does the first spirit take Scrooge back in time?

8. What is the reaction at Fred's home to Scrooge's arrival?

9. What is the Spirit's response to Scrooge's question regarding help for the two children?

10. What other unusual sights and sounds plague Scrooge as he enters his home?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

With the second visitor, Scrooge was taken to see the ways that people in his community celebrate Christmas.

Part 1.) Describe one scene that Scrooge witnessed on Christmas Day.

Part 2.) Describe Scrooge's reaction to this scene. Was there anything interesting / unexpected in his response?

Part 3.) Describe how you believe witnessing this event prompted the change in Scrooge's character at the end of the novel.

Essay Topic 2

There were three spirits that came to visit Scrooge. Describe the third spirit and what he symbolized. What did he take Scrooge to see? How did his visit affect the change in Scrooge's character?

Essay Topic 3

When Scrooge is with his second visitor, he is exposed to the two children that cling to the Spirit's robe. First, describe the two children and the symbolism behind their names. Second, explain the significance of Scrooge's reaction to seeing the two children and the response that the Spirit gives to his question about who will care for them.

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