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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Scrooge react to the games that were played at Fred's party?
(a) He thought they were stupid.
(b) He didn't understand them.
(c) He attmepted to ruin them.
(d) He tried to join in.

2. Where was Scrooge left by his family during the holiday season?
(a) With a distant relative.
(b) On the streets.
(c) At an orphanage.
(d) At school.

3. What is Scrooge's first name?
(a) Ebenezer.
(b) Ebrahim.
(c) Eberto.
(d) Eberhardt.

4. What does Scrooge do after he sees the name on the tombstone?
(a) Cry.
(b) Pray.
(c) Scream.
(d) Laugh.

5. What is the name on the tombstone that Scrooge finds himself at?
(a) Timothy Cratchit.
(b) Ebenezer Scrooge.
(c) Jacob Marley.
(d) Bob Cratchit.

Short Answer Questions

1. What holiday is being celebrated when the story opens?

2. After Scrooge is touched by the spirit, what ability does he have?

3. What does the Cratchit family believe about the death of their family member?

4. How many men come by to collect money from the neighborhood on Christmas Eve?

5. How does Bob Cratchit carry around Tiny Tim?

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