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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long does it take Scrooge to fall asleep after the spirit has left him?
(a) One week.
(b) He falls asleep immediately.
(c) One day.
(d) One hour.

2. Instead of a lashing, what does Scrooge give to Bob Cratchit?
(a) A promotion.
(b) A raise.
(c) A new home.
(d) A hug.

3. How does Scrooge feel about the way that people see him?
(a) He is concerned.
(b) He hates it.
(c) He likes it.
(d) He is apathetic.

4. Who stops by to invite Scrooge to a meal?
(a) His brother.
(b) His son.
(c) His cousin.
(d) His nephew.

5. Who does the Spirit say that the children belong to?
(a) To Man.
(b) To the heavens.
(c) To the Spirit world.
(d) To Scrooge.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who says the line "Let me see some tenderness connected with a death" ?

2. How does Scrooge respond to seeing the countryside?

3. What is the state of the two children who grasp at the Spirit's robe?

4. Who does Scrooge shock by his behavior while out on the streets on Christmas morning?

5. What does the spirit regretfully tell Scrooge about Fan?

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