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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What drives the Wild Man to hysterics while he is in the jail?
(a) The Border Patrol is sending him back.
(b) not being able to speak with the authorities
(c) severe homesickness
(d) being locked up for three days straight

2. What food product is Uncle Bun obsessed with when the reader first meets him?
(a) milk
(b) coconuts
(c) wheat germ
(d) eggs

3. How does Sing Kay Ng get his name?
(a) Lo Bun Sun names him Sing Kay Ng because it means fleeing man.
(b) Sing Kay Ng gets his Chinese name from his Chinese mother.
(c) Lo Bun Sun names him Sing Kay Ng because the man has a limp.
(d) Sing Kay Ng makes up his own name after he learns Chinese from Lo Bun Sun.

4. What does it finally take to capture the Wild Man of the Green Swamp?
(a) a farmer hold him at gunpoint until the authorities arrive
(b) an air and land search by a posse
(c) a sophisticated trap set in the swamp
(d) tracking dogs and hunters with guns

5. How is brother, returning from Vietnam, greeted when he walks from the bus station to his parents' home in Stockton?
(a) A party is just ending.
(b) His mother forces him to eat so he will gain some weight.
(c) There is a huge surprise party held in his honor.
(d) No one is home.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lo Sun Bun's father tell him before Lo heads out to sea?

2. What effects do the comic books have on Kingston and her Chinese American family?

3. Why does Sao Elder Brother become known as Mad Sao?

4. What does Lo Bun Sun call the two shelters he builds on the island?

5. What does the Hundred-Year-Old Man say he carried with him from China to Hawai'i?

Short Essay Questions

1. At the end of the story about Kau and Great Aunt, Kingston writes that the Great Aunt's return to Red China is a clue that the country of their heritage is not as bad as the stories imply. What does this reveal to the reader about the narrator and her understanding of Communist China?

2. How does the Wild Man end up in a Tampa Hospital for the insane? Tell what happens once he is there.

3. Describe the experience of the AJA's (Americans of Japanese Ancestry) during World War II, using only details from Kingston's retelling of her memories and the stories she heard as a child.

4. What does Kingston mean at the end of "Alaska China Men" when she writes, ". . . perhaps any China Man was China Joe"?

5. What does Lo Bun Sun's constant work and preparation suggest about his character?

6. Compare the Alaskan Driving Out with the California Driving Out of China Men.

7. Summarize Kingston's childhood account of seeing a "Wild Man" every day when she and her sister walked to school.

8. Analyze Kingston's narrative about Uncle Kau Goong and his elderly wife. Explain why Great Aunt goes to Hong Kong and then back to China. Describe Uncle Kau's response to Great Aunt's pleas to be together again. Students might suggest the importance of Kau's final words on the subject: "We belong here (America)!"

9. Why does the author suggest that instead of the Driving Out in Alaska taking place twice that it could be the same story but with the dates mixed up?

10. How does Kingston give the reader information about the Communist Revolution and the later wars? Include details about her brother's experience in the Navy as a pacifist.

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