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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Kingston refer to "The Adventures of Lo Bun Sun," based on her childhood perspective?
(a) Kingston says that it was very hard to sit through MaMa's reading of this book.
(b) Kingston says this is one of the more boring books her mother read to her.
(c) Kingston says that this story was reminiscent of the China Men she saw leaving for Gold Mountain.
(d) Kingston says that

2. What is Ch'u Yuan looking for as he seeks another like him in the world?
(a) a lost prince trying to spread the word of peace
(b) an uncorrupted human being
(c) a phoenix dispossessed
(d) an arrogant, all-knowing citizen

3. The author of "The Li Sao" is
(a) Uncle Kau Goong
(b) The Goddess of the Hsiang River
(c) Kingston, when she was a teenager
(d) Ch'u Yuan, China's earliest known poet

4. Why does Sao Elder Brother become known as Mad Sao?
(a) Sao goes mad and becomes paranoid, accusing Father of stealing his money.
(b) Sao is haunted by his dead mother's ghosts and is seen and heard talking to no one.
(c) Sao is the only man in the family to be Americanized.
(d) Sao returns to Red China to care for his mother before she dies.

5. What effects do the comic books have on Kingston and her Chinese American family?
(a) The stories that were unfit for children must have been worse than guts hanging out.
(b) Comic books gave Chinese Americans true and accurate information about the Vietnam War.
(c) Comic books distract the children from the horrors of war by showing Chop Chop.
(d) Comic books reinforce the stereotype of the Chinese American or Oriental.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ch'u Yuan decide to do once he accepts that he cannot return home?

2. What kind of business does Father buy?

3. Which of the following is not something Sao does at his mother's grave?

4. What kind of poem does Ch'u Yuan write before he drowns?

5. In what year is the birthday party for the 106-year-old man held in Hawaii?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the significance of the last line in "The Hundred-Year-Old Man"?

2. Compare and contrast Uncle Bun's beliefs about the benefits of communism and his dreams of a Communist World and Father's political beliefs.

3. Describe the experience of the AJA's (Americans of Japanese Ancestry) during World War II, using only details from Kingston's retelling of her memories and the stories she heard as a child.

4. Explain why the Hundred-Year-Old Man's answer about how to stop the war in Vietnam is so simple.

5. At the end of the story about Kau and Great Aunt, Kingston writes that the Great Aunt's return to Red China is a clue that the country of their heritage is not as bad as the stories imply. What does this reveal to the reader about the narrator and her understanding of Communist China?

6. What does Kingston mean at the end of "Alaska China Men" when she writes, ". . . perhaps any China Man was China Joe"?

7. Summarize Kingston's childhood account of seeing a "Wild Man" every day when she and her sister walked to school.

8. Analyze Kingston's narrative about Uncle Kau Goong and his elderly wife. Explain why Great Aunt goes to Hong Kong and then back to China. Describe Uncle Kau's response to Great Aunt's pleas to be together again. Students might suggest the importance of Kau's final words on the subject: "We belong here (America)!"

9. How does the Wild Man end up in a Tampa Hospital for the insane? Tell what happens once he is there.

10. What is the significance of Kingston's modern Auntie's marriage to I Fu?

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