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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lo Bun Sun call the two shelters he builds on the island?
(a) castles
(b) mansions
(c) caves
(d) shelters

2. What does Kingston notice about the Wild Man as shown in the photos of his capture appearing in the newspaper?
(a) The Wild Man's hair and beard were extremely long, because he was unable to groom himself in the swamp.
(b) The Wild Man was crying as his captors led him out of the swamp.
(c) The men in cowboy hats that escorted him out of the swamp appeared to have given quite a fight against the Wild Man.
(d) The Wild Man was neat and clean and did not act wild or fight his captors.

3. Where do the mandarins seeking gold land their ship?
(a) Mexico
(b) California
(c) Bay of Manila
(d) Spain

4. The author of "The Li Sao" is
(a) Kingston, when she was a teenager
(b) The Goddess of the Hsiang River
(c) Uncle Kau Goong
(d) Ch'u Yuan, China's earliest known poet

5. For whom do the Juneau citizens hold the largest funeral Alaska ever sees?
(a) President of the Treadwell Mining Company
(b) China Joe
(c) Captain Carroll
(d) Citizenship Judge

Short Answer Questions

1. What tradition does Mad Sao perform at his mother's graveside that the Kingston family does not do after Uncle Kau's funeral?

2. Which act shows that the mandarins are confident that they will find gold?

3. After Captain Carroll rescues the China Men from being adrift in the sea, where do the China Men ask the Captain to take them?

4. How does Kingston refer to "The Adventures of Lo Bun Sun," based on her childhood perspective?

5. What drives the Wild Man to hysterics while he is in the jail?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain why the people that meet Li Sao realize too late that he is the last righteous human being. What do the people do to get Li Sao to return to Earth? What are the results of the people's attempts?

2. What is the significance of Kingston's modern Auntie's marriage to I Fu?

3. Create a dictionary using words from the chapter, "The Li Sao: An Elegy." Choose words that readers will need to have knowledge of in order to understand the story. Create a display using words that fit the theme of the folktale, such as phoenix, mourned, epic, elegy, lament, sorrow, estrangement, incorruptible, entwined, requiem, warmongers, etc.

4. Why does the author suggest that instead of the Driving Out in Alaska taking place twice that it could be the same story but with the dates mixed up?

5. What is the significance of the last line in "The Hundred-Year-Old Man"?

6. Describe the relationship between Lo Bun Sun and Sing Kay Ng.

7. Explain why the Hundred-Year-Old Man's answer about how to stop the war in Vietnam is so simple.

8. What evidence in "The Wild Man of the Green Swamp" is there that shows the Wild Man's ingenuity?

9. Summarize Kingston's childhood account of seeing a "Wild Man" every day when she and her sister walked to school.

10. What happens to Father after the Gambling House is closed permanently? How does Father recover?

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