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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What amount of pay is given to the Chinese workers in Hawaii for working in the cane fields?
(a) Four dollars a week
(b) Four dollars and thirty cents
(c) Four dollars a month
(d) One dollar a week

2. What effects do the comic books have on Kingston and her Chinese American family?
(a) Comic books reinforce the stereotype of the Chinese American or Oriental.
(b) Comic books gave Chinese Americans true and accurate information about the Vietnam War.
(c) The stories that were unfit for children must have been worse than guts hanging out.
(d) Comic books distract the children from the horrors of war by showing Chop Chop.

3. What word best describes the meaning of Ch'u Yuan's name?
(a) righteous
(b) next king
(c) peace
(d) dirty crowd

4. What response does Kingston's oldest brother get from the Filipino and other island natives when he says he is a Chinese American?
(a) You are a traitor.
(b) You are lucky.
(c) Let me hear you speak English.
(d) You'll never survive here.

5. What reason do the white miners give for the decision to drive out the China Men?
(a) for getting richer by working harder
(b) for paying Citizenship Judges to become citizens
(c) for stoning a woman in Juneau
(d) for fighting with the Indians

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lo Bun Sun call the two shelters he builds on the island?

2. How does Kingston refer to "The Adventures of Lo Bun Sun," based on her childhood perspective?

3. What kind of business does Father buy?

4. What does the Wild Man do when he ventures out of the Green Swamp?

5. Which statement best describes Kingston's attitude toward the Communists?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain why the Hundred-Year-Old Man's answer about how to stop the war in Vietnam is so simple.

2. Compare and contrast grandfather Ah Goong's experiences during the Driving Out with those that took place in Alaska according to Kingston's narrative.

3. Describe the relationship between Father and the owner of the Gambling House.

4. How does the Wild Man end up in a Tampa Hospital for the insane? Tell what happens once he is there.

5. Explain why the people that meet Li Sao realize too late that he is the last righteous human being. What do the people do to get Li Sao to return to Earth? What are the results of the people's attempts?

6. Explain why members of the freighter's crew try to send their shipmate to China and describe the Wild Man's response at the airport.

7. Analyze Kingston's narrative about Uncle Kau Goong and his elderly wife. Explain why Great Aunt goes to Hong Kong and then back to China. Describe Uncle Kau's response to Great Aunt's pleas to be together again. Students might suggest the importance of Kau's final words on the subject: "We belong here (America)!"

8. Retell the Filipino scholar's story about the Chinese first coming to the Philippines in search of gold. Be sure to include only the information that the scholar provides. Don't be distracted by the party-goers' interruptions.

9. Describe the relationship between Lo Bun Sun and Sing Kay Ng.

10. What does Kingston mean at the end of "Alaska China Men" when she writes, ". . . perhaps any China Man was China Joe"?

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