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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the narrator in this chapter?
(a) the stranger
(b) the father
(c) the author
(d) the mother

2. Which Supreme Court case overturns San Francisco safety ordinances, thereby admitting that California laws are designed to harass Chinese immigrants?
(a) The United States v. Mrs. Cue Lim
(b) Yue Ting v. The United States
(c) Chae Chan Ping v. The United States
(d) Yick Wo v. Hopkins

3. The seer does not disturb the spirits in the clouds in "On Mortality Again" __________________________.
(a) because the seer is afraid the spirits will punish him
(b) because the seer doesn't hear any spirits in the clouds
(c) because the seer doesn't want to draw the attention of the spirits to Maui's trick
(d) because the seer is afraid Maui will hurt him if the seer speaks to the spirits

4. How does great grandfather Bak Goong break the rules of silence while working in Sandalwood Mountain?
(a) Bak Goong sends written notes to other workers.
(b) Bak Goong coughs out Chinese words the masters cannot understand.
(c) Bak Goong deliberately sings in front of the masters.
(d) Bak Goong talks quietly to himself.

5. What is the meaning of the word hastening in the opening lines of "On Fathers"?
(a) stopping to tie shoe laces
(b) speeding up the pace of walking
(c) running quickly by
(d) slowing down the pace of walking

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Tang Ao doing when he meets the Queen?

2. Why is there a communal dining room at the Chinese village where Kingston's ancestors lived?

3. What happens after the bird laughs in "On Mortality Again"?

4. What rule do the "white demons" enforce that is problematic for great grandfather Bak Goong while he is working in the sugar cane fields?

5. How are the two tales, "On Mortality" and "On Mortality Again" similar?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Kingston give the reader information about the Communist Revolution and the later wars? Include details about her brother's experience in the Navy as a pacifist.

2. Compare and contrast Uncle Bun's beliefs about the benefits of communism and his dreams of a Communist World and Father's political beliefs.

3. Describe how Kingston feels about her father from China. Use details from the text to support your conclusions.

4. Describe how the author uses personification in "The Great Grandfather from the Sandalwood Mountains." Give examples from the text.

5. Compare the Alaskan Driving Out with the California Driving Out of China Men.

6. Tell what the Four Valuable Things are and explain their importance to the Chinese culture.

7. Compare and contrast grandfather Ah Goong's experiences during the Driving Out with those that took place in Alaska according to Kingston's narrative.

8. Explain how prior knowledge or a similar experience can help a reader understand the events that occur in "On Fathers."

9. Evaluate the methods Kingston uses to reveal the passage of time while Ah Goong is working in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

10. Explain why members of the freighter's crew try to send their shipmate to China and describe the Wild Man's response at the airport.

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