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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which two islands does Kingston suggest her father had gone to before entering America?
(a) Hawaii and Cuba
(b) Angel Island and Cuba
(c) Ellis Island and Cuba
(d) Angel Island and Ellis Island

2. Which details from the text imply that Father is a successful business man?
(a) He wears two-hundred dollar suits and good leather shoes with wingtips.
(b) He continues his walk down our street.
(c) He wears a coat with tobacco smell.
(d) He is tall and thin.

3. How does great grandfather Bak Goong break the rules of silence while working in Sandalwood Mountain?
(a) Bak Goong deliberately sings in front of the masters.
(b) Bak Goong sends written notes to other workers.
(c) Bak Goong talks quietly to himself.
(d) Bak Goong coughs out Chinese words the masters cannot understand.

4. How do the women manage to capture Tang Ao?
(a) The women use weapons to make him come along.
(b) Tang Ao is not on guard against ladies.
(c) The women kneeled to take off his shoes.
(d) The women tackle him and tie his hands together.

5. What is an immortal?
(a) A character in tales who dies at the end of the story.
(b) A human who lives forever, according to legend
(c) A magician who can stop time.
(d) A person who hurts others without regret.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the consequence of Tu Tzu-chun failing the monk's test?

2. What did the Displaced Persons Act passed in 1948 offer Chinese immigrants?

3. What does Ah Po show BaBa's brothers to explain that he is different from them?

4. Why does the young man enter the house of the young widow?

5. Who are the children referring to when they call out, "BaBa!"?

Short Essay Questions

1. Create a dictionary using words from the chapter, "The Li Sao: An Elegy." Choose words that readers will need to have knowledge of in order to understand the story. Create a display using words that fit the theme of the folktale, such as phoenix, mourned, epic, elegy, lament, sorrow, estrangement, incorruptible, entwined, requiem, warmongers, etc.

2. Explain how the author of "The Ghostmate" cues the reader that the main character represents any China Man in their youth.

3. Explain how prior knowledge or a similar experience can help a reader understand the events that occur in "On Fathers."

4. What evidence in "The Wild Man of the Green Swamp" is there that shows the Wild Man's ingenuity?

5. What does Lo Bun Sun's constant work and preparation suggest about his character?

6. Explain how the author uses foreshadowing in the first two lines of "On Mortality."

7. Describe how Kingston feels about her father from China. Use details from the text to support your conclusions.

8. Describe the basis of the queue tax.

9. Evaluate the methods Kingston uses to reveal the passage of time while Ah Goong is working in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

10. How does the Wild Man end up in a Tampa Hospital for the insane? Tell what happens once he is there.

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