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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is this Maui's last deed?
(a) Maui drowns during his attempted escape.
(b) Hina removes Maui and eats him alive.
(c) Maui is reborn to Hina as a different demigod.
(d) Hina closes Maui up inside her and he dies there.

2. Which Supreme Court case overturns San Francisco safety ordinances, thereby admitting that California laws are designed to harass Chinese immigrants?
(a) Yue Ting v. The United States
(b) The United States v. Mrs. Cue Lim
(c) Chae Chan Ping v. The United States
(d) Yick Wo v. Hopkins

3. Why does Kingston think that Stockton is a special place to live?
(a) Stockton, CA, is the only city with three intersecting railroads.
(b) Kingston's grandfathers worked on the tracks in Stockton where Kingston and her family live.
(c) Flocks of hoboes were always around the tracks, keeping the city entertaining.
(d) Kingston could ride the trains anytime she wanted.

4. How does the woman in "The Ghostmate" get her visitors to stay longer than they intend to?
(a) She tells the young man the long story of her tragic life.
(b) She locks the young man in the dungeon.
(c) She convinces the young man that she is better for him than his wife.
(d) She brings the young man the very fruits, the very poem, the very game he likes best.

5. What is the significance of the court case, Chae Chan Ping v. The United States?
(a) This case adds one year of hard labor for illegal Chinese immigrants before being deported.
(b) Congressmen call for the United States to be made up of a limited amount of elderly Chinese people.
(c) This is the first case of a Chinese fighting against the Chinese Exclusion Acts.
(d) This is the first case to address the issue of Sojourners.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the last thing the women do to prepare Tang to meet the queen?

2. In "The Ghostmate, what imagery does Kingston use when the main character arrives at the house?

3. What rule do the "white demons" enforce that is problematic for great grandfather Bak Goong while he is working in the sugar cane fields?

4. Who were the Gold Mountain Sojourners?

5. How does the stranger respond to the children's mistake?

Short Essay Questions

1. Evaluate the methods Kingston uses to reveal the passage of time while Ah Goong is working in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

2. How does Kingston employ humor in "On Mortality Again"?

3. Why does Kingston say that MaMa's arrival ends Ed's independent life?

4. Describe the way the women pierce Tang Ao's ears and what they do to keep the holes open. Include examples of sensory details the author uses in the text.

5. At the end of the "The Laws," Kingston predicts that the 1980 census may show that a million or more ethnic Chinese will be living in the United States. Why does she have to predict the census numbers?

6. Provide examples from "The Ghostmate" of vivid imagery that reveals the man's mood as he heads back to his childhood home. Is the young man happy or sad?

7. Briefly describe the process of footbinding and tell why the women sing to him when tightly bandaging his feet.

8. What is the purpose for making Tang Ao's capture so easy it could be done by women?

9. Do you think this chapter "On Fathers" takes place in China or in America? Give reasons for your choice, citing examples from the text.

10. How do the Chinese workers organize a strike against the railroad company without the "white demons" finding out?

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