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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What finally makes Tu Tzu-chun break his silence?
(a) Tu Tzu-chun screamed when he heard his wife's bones being broken.
(b) The pain Tu Tzu-chun feels when he's being tortured.
(c) Tu sees her baby's head smashed against the rocks.
(d) Tu speaks for the first time.

2. Which tax is enforced on Chinese immigrants living in California in order to pay for the extra policing their presence requires?
(a) the laundry tax
(b) the cubic air ordinance
(c) the cigar tax
(d) the police tax

3. Which two islands does Kingston suggest her father had gone to before entering America?
(a) Angel Island and Ellis Island
(b) Angel Island and Cuba
(c) Hawaii and Cuba
(d) Ellis Island and Cuba

4. What do the women do to help stir the cool female winds inside Tang's body?
(a) unwrap the bindings from Tang's feet
(b) make Tang sit in the rain and wind
(c) giveTang tea with white chrysanthemums
(d) make Tang wash the bandages used to bind his feet

5. How might Kingston's father's life have been different had he passed the Imperial Examinations with honors?
(a) Kingston's father may have married an American woman.
(b) Kingston's father may not have come to Gold Mountain.
(c) Kingston's father may have traveled the world in luxury.
(d) Kingston's father may not have had to work a single day in his life.

Short Answer Questions

1. What mood does the letter from Kingston's friend, the physicist, reflect about his return visit to their common ancestral village?

2. The seer does not disturb the spirits in the clouds in "On Mortality Again" __________________________.

3. How does great grandfather Bak Goong break the rules of silence while working in Sandalwood Mountain?

4. What is the consequence of Tu Tzu-chun failing the monk's test?

5. Who is Guan Goong?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe how the author uses personification in "The Great Grandfather from the Sandalwood Mountains." Give examples from the text.

2. Why would Tang beg to have the bandages replaced tightly after having the them removed from his feet?

3. Provide examples from "The Ghostmate" of vivid imagery that reveals the man's mood as he heads back to his childhood home. Is the young man happy or sad?

4. What purpose is served when Bak Goong tells his fellow workers the tale about the King who fathered a prince with cat ears and keeps it a secret?

5. Explain how the author uses foreshadowing in the first two lines of "On Mortality."

6. Describe the way the women pierce Tang Ao's ears and what they do to keep the holes open. Include examples of sensory details the author uses in the text.

7. What is the significance of the long path that leads to the widow's house in "The Ghostmate"?

8. Describe the elements of fantasy Kingston uses to characterize Maui the Trickster in "On Mortality Again."

9. Do you think this chapter "On Fathers" takes place in China or in America? Give reasons for your choice, citing examples from the text.

10. Why does Kingston say that MaMa's arrival ends Ed's independent life?

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