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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following from "The Ghostmate" shows that the young man is feeling guilty about not returning to his family?
(a) Instead he feeds like a zoo animal.
(b) His wife would enjoy hearing about his lucky night.
(c) The young husband should have hinted for some leftovers to bring home.
(d) He asks, "Do you live alone?"

2. Why do the basketmen stop working in autumn?
(a) The season is a Chinese holiday
(b) The winds are too high to work at high elevation
(c) Men do not have the right clothes
(d) The baskets would fall apart because of age

3. What is inside of Hina that holds immortality for humanity?
(a) baby
(b) eyes
(c) heart
(d) liver

4. Why does Kingston think that Stockton is a special place to live?
(a) Kingston's grandfathers worked on the tracks in Stockton where Kingston and her family live.
(b) Flocks of hoboes were always around the tracks, keeping the city entertaining.
(c) Stockton, CA, is the only city with three intersecting railroads.
(d) Kingston could ride the trains anytime she wanted.

5. What is the meaning of the word hastening in the opening lines of "On Fathers"?
(a) running quickly by
(b) speeding up the pace of walking
(c) slowing down the pace of walking
(d) stopping to tie shoe laces

Short Answer Questions

1. How are the two tales, "On Mortality" and "On Mortality Again" similar?

2. How do the women manage to capture Tang Ao?

3. How might Kingston's father's life have been different had he passed the Imperial Examinations with honors?

4. What is supposedly the cause of the "Mongolian spot" on some Chinese babies?

5. What did the Displaced Persons Act passed in 1948 offer Chinese immigrants?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the way great grandfather Bak Goong ends up working in the Sandalwood Mountains in Hawaii?

2. Why does Bak Goong have so much trouble staying quiet while working in the cane fields?

3. Compare and contrast the genre used for "On Discovery" and for "On Fathers."

4. In "On Mortality," how does the author make the reader sympathize with Tu when he is born as a deaf-mute girl child?

5. Describe how Kingston feels about her father from China. Use details from the text to support your conclusions.

6. Explain how the author of "The Ghostmate" cues the reader that the main character represents any China Man in their youth.

7. Briefly describe the process of footbinding and tell why the women sing to him when tightly bandaging his feet.

8. Describe the tenets of the philosophy of living multiple lives until you learn an important lesson.

9. How do the Chinese workers organize a strike against the railroad company without the "white demons" finding out?

10. Describe how the author uses personification in "The Great Grandfather from the Sandalwood Mountains." Give examples from the text.

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