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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The seer does not disturb the spirits in the clouds in "On Mortality Again" __________________________.
(a) because the seer doesn't want to draw the attention of the spirits to Maui's trick
(b) because the seer doesn't hear any spirits in the clouds
(c) because the seer is afraid Maui will hurt him if the seer speaks to the spirits
(d) because the seer is afraid the spirits will punish him

2. Which tax is enforced on Chinese immigrants living in California in order to pay for the extra policing their presence requires?
(a) the cubic air ordinance
(b) the cigar tax
(c) the laundry tax
(d) the police tax

3. What two actions result from the Scott Act of 1888?
(a) defining
(b) identifying free whites as eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship and giving African Aliens eligibility to apply for U.S. citizenshi
(c) suspending the Burlingame Treaty for 20 years and making Chinese men cut off their ponytails
(d) voiding Certificates of Return and requiring Certificate of Residence be shown on demand

4. What purpose does the mother character serve by entering the story at this point?
(a) She provides an adult female presence to balance the male presence of the stranger.
(b) She moves the plot along and explains how the children could make such a mistake.
(c) She introduces a conflict that the children have to solve.
(d) She becomes the focus of the children so that they stop focusing on the stranger.

5. Tu cannot deliver his messages and take care of his urgent things after he exits the tunnel because _____________________________.
(a) When he ermerges from the tunnel, he is lost.
(b) Explosions inside the tunnel made Tu deaf and mute.
(c) The tunnel is a passage to his rebirth as an infant.
(d) No one will listen to Tu's messages or help him with urgent matters.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the monk tell Tu Tzu-chun about the task he has in store for Tu?

2. How does Father acknowledge that he recognizes the children?

3. Which character from Kingston's folktales in China Men suffers the most?

4. What culture is the character Maui from in "On Mortality Again"?

5. To what does this simile refer: "Sap ran from its cuts like crying blind eyes"?

Short Essay Questions

1. Analyze Kingston's narrative about Uncle Kau Goong and his elderly wife. Explain why Great Aunt goes to Hong Kong and then back to China. Describe Uncle Kau's response to Great Aunt's pleas to be together again. Students might suggest the importance of Kau's final words on the subject: "We belong here (America)!"

2. Why does Kingston say that MaMa's arrival ends Ed's independent life?

3. Describe the basis of the queue tax.

4. Summarize Kingston's childhood account of seeing a "Wild Man" every day when she and her sister walked to school.

5. Tell what the Four Valuable Things are and explain their importance to the Chinese culture.

6. Do you think this chapter "On Fathers" takes place in China or in America? Give reasons for your choice, citing examples from the text.

7. Describe the elements of fantasy Kingston uses to characterize Maui the Trickster in "On Mortality Again."

8. At the end of the story about Kau and Great Aunt, Kingston writes that the Great Aunt's return to Red China is a clue that the country of their heritage is not as bad as the stories imply. What does this reveal to the reader about the narrator and her understanding of Communist China?

9. At the end of the "The Laws," Kingston predicts that the 1980 census may show that a million or more ethnic Chinese will be living in the United States. Why does she have to predict the census numbers?

10. Explain how the author of "The Ghostmate" cues the reader that the main character represents any China Man in their youth.

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