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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Sao Elder Brother become known as Mad Sao?
(a) Sao goes mad and becomes paranoid, accusing Father of stealing his money.
(b) Sao returns to Red China to care for his mother before she dies.
(c) Sao is the only man in the family to be Americanized.
(d) Sao is haunted by his dead mother's ghosts and is seen and heard talking to no one.

2. To what city does the Filipino king send the mandarins to begin their search for the golden needle?
(a) Mexico City
(b) Bay of Manila
(c) The City of Gold
(d) Cabit

3. How were the Indians in Alaska treated by the "gold seeking" miners?
(a) Some are tortured and murdered in public.
(b) They are welcomed as extra labor.
(c) They are driven out at gunpoint.
(d) They are kept as slaves by white demons.

4. In the second telling of the Driving Out in Alaska, what do returning China Men do to get back to their homes and their jobs?
(a) China Men bring back with them battalions of soldiers.
(b) China Men replace white workers who had gone on strike.
(c) China Men bargain with the Treadmill Mining Company.
(d) China Men fight hand-to-hand battle with the miners.

5. What animal does Lo Bun Sun make his pet and what does he teach it to do?
(a) Lo makes a parrot his pet and he teaches it how to speak so that Lo can hear a human voice.
(b) Lo makes a goat his pet and he teaches the goat to attack its predators.
(c) Lo makes the cat from the ship his pet and he teaches it to come when called.
(d) Lo makes the dog that he rescued from the ship his pet and he teaches it to retrieve the birds Lo shoots.

6. From whom do MaMa and Father have to keep their savings a secret?
(a) their six children
(b) their neighbors in Stockton
(c) the owner of the Gambling House
(d) MaMa's sister living in San Francisco

7. In the first telling of the Driving Out of Alaska, who relocates the China Men?
(a) Indians on a schooner
(b) Indians in war canoes
(c) White demons with guns and tools
(d) Chinese scab laborers

8. What does Kingston hear from her schoolmates that makes her long to be normal?
(a) The other children speak of family members saying, "I love you."
(b) Kingston's schoolmates make fun of her clothes.
(c) Children speak of being spanked and being kissed goodnight
(d) Kingston must walk home with her huge uncle everyday.

9. How long does the Wild Man elude capture in the Green Swamp?
(a) one year
(b) three months
(c) one month
(d) eight months

10. What details do we learn about the Wild Man when he talks to the translator in his jail cell?
(a) The Wild Man captured a four-foot alligator.
(b) The Wild Man is 39-years-old and has seven children in Taiwan.
(c) The Wild Man has been a seaman his entire life.
(d) The Wild Man had many friends on the freighter ship and he was confused by their attempts to send him to a foreign country.

11. What response does Kingston's oldest brother get from the Filipino and other island natives when he says he is a Chinese American?
(a) You are a traitor.
(b) You are lucky.
(c) Let me hear you speak English.
(d) You'll never survive here.

12. How does Kingston's brother describe the Navy?
(a) The boat gives me nightmares of war scenes.
(b) Navy men get to go to formal dances in foreign countries.
(c) The Navy is housework.
(d) Cleaning up after yourself is follow through.

13. Which act shows that the mandarins are confident that they will find gold?
(a) The Chinese workers have babies and start families here.
(b) The mandarins ask for more ships to carry all the gold.
(c) The mandarins sail further and further inland.
(d) The mandarins agree to build roads and railroads for the Filipino king.

14. What do people in Alaska do to track events in their lives and their community?
(a) produce a weekly newspaper
(b) hire a town crier
(c) write in diaries
(d) post bulletins around towns

15. What does Kingston realize about men at Great Uncle Kau's funeral?
(a) Men grow very old before they die.
(b) Men have feelings too.
(c) Men must carry the casket out of the demon mortuary.
(d) Men are afraid of death.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who travels to Alaska during the Driving Out to help end the violence?

2. To what does Kingston refer with the metaphor "the living night"?

3. When the fish-and-game wardens and sheriff deputies use dogs to search for the Wild Man, why is their search so short?

4. How is brother, returning from Vietnam, greeted when he walks from the bus station to his parents' home in Stockton?

5. For whom do the Juneau citizens hold the largest funeral Alaska ever sees?

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