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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Sao Elder Brother become known as Mad Sao?
(a) Sao is haunted by his dead mother's ghosts and is seen and heard talking to no one.
(b) Sao is the only man in the family to be Americanized.
(c) Sao returns to Red China to care for his mother before she dies.
(d) Sao goes mad and becomes paranoid, accusing Father of stealing his money.

2. For what does the doctor at the jail treat the Wild Man?
(a) malaria and diarrhea
(b) alligator bites and burns from camp fires
(c) dehydration and cuts and bruises
(d) mosquito bites and stomach ache

3. What does Say Goong call a "sky chicken"?
(a) a horse
(b) a toad
(c) a fly
(d) a rooster

4. Which act shows that the mandarins are confident that they will find gold?
(a) The mandarins agree to build roads and railroads for the Filipino king.
(b) The mandarins sail further and further inland.
(c) The mandarins ask for more ships to carry all the gold.
(d) The Chinese workers have babies and start families here.

5. What does Ch'u Yuan decide to do once he accepts that he cannot return home?
(a) Ch'u Yuan jumps in the river and drowns.
(b) Ch'u Yuan tells the river all of his tales.
(c) Ch'u Yuan starts the tradition of wrapping rice in leaves once every year
(d) Ch'u Yuan prays for with the corrupt world.

6. Where else on the globe do the Chinese look for gold, according to the Filipino scholar in "On Listening"?
(a) Mexico
(b) Spain
(c) Philippines
(d) China

7. How does Kingston's brother describe the Navy?
(a) Cleaning up after yourself is follow through.
(b) The boat gives me nightmares of war scenes.
(c) Navy men get to go to formal dances in foreign countries.
(d) The Navy is housework.

8. What personal theory does Kingston recall testing when she was child?
(a) Kingston believes that boys do not feel pain.
(b) Kingston believes that she can tell lies and never get caught.
(c) Kingston thought boys liked to be kicked.
(d) Kingston believes that her father worked secretly for the Communist Party.

9. What does the blind fortune teller predict will happen to Kingston's San Francisco Aunt over her lifetime?
(a) Aunt will marry three times.
(b) Aunt will meet her husband in Hong Kong.
(c) Aunt will own a shoe store throughout her life.
(d) Aunt will gain and lose fortunes many times.

10. Why does Great Aunt get herself smuggled into Hong Kong?
(a) Great Aunt, a ninety years old, wants to prove to herself she can get to Hong Kong without being detected.
(b) Great Aunt hopes Uncle Kau will live out their last days in Hong Kong since it is not Communist.
(c) Great Aunt had lived her whole life in one village and she wanted to see a big city.
(d) Great Aunt is being hunted by the Communist in China.

11. What kind of business does Father buy?
(a) a laundry
(b) a barbershop
(c) a gambling house
(d) a tobacco shop

12. How does Kingston's Father avoid the draft?
(a) The doctors say he is too fat.
(b) The Chinese American landlord pulls strings to get Father released.
(c) The doctors say Father was too skinny.
(d) The doctors find ink in his blood.

13. What effects do the comic books have on Kingston and her Chinese American family?
(a) The stories that were unfit for children must have been worse than guts hanging out.
(b) Comic books reinforce the stereotype of the Chinese American or Oriental.
(c) Comic books distract the children from the horrors of war by showing Chop Chop.
(d) Comic books gave Chinese Americans true and accurate information about the Vietnam War.

14. What is Ch'u Yuan looking for as he seeks another like him in the world?
(a) an arrogant, all-knowing citizen
(b) a lost prince trying to spread the word of peace
(c) an uncorrupted human being
(d) a phoenix dispossessed

15. What does the Wild Man do when he ventures out of the Green Swamp?
(a) goes to a restaurant
(b) robs farmers for food
(c) takes fruit and corn from farms
(d) He doesn't ever leave the swamp.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens in Hawaii that prevents the Hundred-Year-Old Man from going to town in 1893?

2. What do Kingston's parents call the Chinese American traditionalists in California?

3. What month is stated as the date for both stories of the Driving Out in Alaska?

4. How do readers know that the Hundred-Year-Old Man took a job in Hawai'i that paid for passage and offered steady pay, just the same as Kingston's great grandfather?

5. What amount of pay is given to the Chinese workers in Hawaii for working in the cane fields?

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