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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the game officer that first spots the Wild Man in the Green Swamp know that what he sees is not a bear?
(a) The officer sees a figure hunched over a fire.
(b) The Wild Man drags a burlap bag behind him.
(c) The officer calls out to the Wild Man who responds in a language the officer cannot understand.
(d) The Wild Man stands up and confronts the officer.

2. What does Kingston hear from her schoolmates that makes her long to be normal?
(a) The other children speak of family members saying, "I love you."
(b) Kingston's schoolmates make fun of her clothes.
(c) Kingston must walk home with her huge uncle everyday.
(d) Children speak of being spanked and being kissed goodnight

3. Who travels to Alaska during the Driving Out to help end the violence?
(a) President of the United States
(b) Other company strikers from around the state
(c) Alaska's governor
(d) The Calvary

4. Which of the following is not something Sao does at his mother's grave?
(a) pours wine into the earth
(b) lights incense set in pails of sand
(c) heaps food and presents on her grave
(d) lights on fire paper replicas of money

5. What amount of pay is given to the Chinese workers in Hawaii for working in the cane fields?
(a) Four dollars a month
(b) Four dollars a week
(c) One dollar a week
(d) Four dollars and thirty cents

6. What drives the Wild Man to hysterics while he is in the jail?
(a) not being able to speak with the authorities
(b) severe homesickness
(c) being locked up for three days straight
(d) The Border Patrol is sending him back.

7. What does Kingston notice about the Wild Man as shown in the photos of his capture appearing in the newspaper?
(a) The Wild Man was crying as his captors led him out of the swamp.
(b) The Wild Man was neat and clean and did not act wild or fight his captors.
(c) The Wild Man's hair and beard were extremely long, because he was unable to groom himself in the swamp.
(d) The men in cowboy hats that escorted him out of the swamp appeared to have given quite a fight against the Wild Man.

8. How many China Men make up the Chinese population in Alaska?
(a) 150
(b) 100
(c) 1,000
(d) 700

9. What happens that begins Father's most dismal time in "The American Father"?
(a) The children get out of control, and Father beats his daughter with a hangar.
(b) The Gambling house is raided and closed permanently.
(c) MaMa shames him into taking a low-wage laborer job.
(d) MaMa has an accident at the cannery and dies.

10. What are the contents of the Wild Man's bag which is made from a pair of pants?
(a) a pot, a sharp piece of tin, and a hand-made club
(b) a gun, ammunition, and pictures of his family in Taiwan
(c) ead snakes, turtles, armadillos, and alligators
(d) clean clothes and cooking utensils

11. To what does Kingston refer with the metaphor "the living night"?
(a) the dark shed
(b) a stagecoach
(c) a black horse
(d) a pile of manure

12. What month is stated as the date for both stories of the Driving Out in Alaska?
(a) July
(b) June
(c) April
(d) January

13. What happens in Hawaii that prevents the Hundred-Year-Old Man from going to town in 1893?
(a) The Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor
(b) The American Civil War
(c) The American revolution against Queen Lili'uokalani
(d) The Communist Revolution in China

14. What reason do the white miners give for the decision to drive out the China Men?
(a) for getting richer by working harder
(b) for paying Citizenship Judges to become citizens
(c) for stoning a woman in Juneau
(d) for fighting with the Indians

15. How does Sing Kay Ng get his name?
(a) Sing Kay Ng makes up his own name after he learns Chinese from Lo Bun Sun.
(b) Lo Bun Sun names him Sing Kay Ng because it means fleeing man.
(c) Sing Kay Ng gets his Chinese name from his Chinese mother.
(d) Lo Bun Sun names him Sing Kay Ng because the man has a limp.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Uncle Bun accuse Father of doing?

2. Why does Sao Elder Brother become known as Mad Sao?

3. What feature of the Wild Man that Kingston saw as a child is distinctly different from the Wild Man caught in 1975?

4. What animal does Lo Bun Sun make his pet and what does he teach it to do?

5. The author of "The Li Sao" is

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