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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Kingston's parents call the Chinese American traditionalists in California?
(a) wheat germ
(b) superstitious, backward peasants
(c) demon workers
(d) sky chickens

2. Where else on the globe do the Chinese look for gold, according to the Filipino scholar in "On Listening"?
(a) Spain
(b) Philippines
(c) Mexico
(d) China

3. How old is Lo Bun Sun when he returns to China and gets married?
(a) fifty-years-old
(b) sixty-years-old
(c) forty-five-years-old
(d) one-hundred-years-old

4. What does Lo Sun Bun's father tell him before Lo heads out to sea?
(a) I wish you good and safe travel my son.
(b) Heaven will not bless you.
(c) Please return home soon.
(d) I disown you as my son.

5. What does Say Goong call a "sky chicken"?
(a) a toad
(b) a horse
(c) a rooster
(d) a fly

6. Where do the mandarins seeking gold land their ship?
(a) Spain
(b) Mexico
(c) Bay of Manila
(d) California

7. What symbolizes to the Filipino king that the mandarin is of a higher social class than other Chinese already living there?
(a) The mandarins have a Chinese in chains.
(b) The mandarins have secret knowledge of gold in the mountains.
(c) The mandarins ride in ivory and gold chairs.
(d) The mandarin ships are seaworthy.

8. What month is stated as the date for both stories of the Driving Out in Alaska?
(a) July
(b) January
(c) June
(d) April

9. What is Ch'u Yuan looking for as he seeks another like him in the world?
(a) an arrogant, all-knowing citizen
(b) a phoenix dispossessed
(c) a lost prince trying to spread the word of peace
(d) an uncorrupted human being

10. In addition to self-defense, what is the most influential element in the rule of law in Alaska in 1885?
(a) personal diaries of government officials
(b) newspapers and flyers
(c) China Men meetings
(d) miner's meetings

11. In what year is the birthday party for the 106-year-old man held in Hawaii?
(a) 1885
(b) 1969
(c) 1893
(d) 1983

12. How long does the Wild Man elude capture in the Green Swamp?
(a) eight months
(b) one month
(c) three months
(d) one year

13. What happens that begins Father's most dismal time in "The American Father"?
(a) MaMa has an accident at the cannery and dies.
(b) MaMa shames him into taking a low-wage laborer job.
(c) The Gambling house is raided and closed permanently.
(d) The children get out of control, and Father beats his daughter with a hangar.

14. To what does Kingston refer with the metaphor "the living night"?
(a) a black horse
(b) a stagecoach
(c) a pile of manure
(d) the dark shed

15. What reason do the white miners give for the decision to drive out the China Men?
(a) for getting richer by working harder
(b) for fighting with the Indians
(c) for stoning a woman in Juneau
(d) for paying Citizenship Judges to become citizens

Short Answer Questions

1. From whom do MaMa and Father have to keep their savings a secret?

2. What response does Kingston's oldest brother get from the Filipino and other island natives when he says he is a Chinese American?

3. After Captain Carroll rescues the China Men from being adrift in the sea, where do the China Men ask the Captain to take them?

4. What happens in Hawaii that prevents the Hundred-Year-Old Man from going to town in 1893?

5. What does it finally take to capture the Wild Man of the Green Swamp?

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