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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the fish-and-game wardens and sheriff deputies use dogs to search for the Wild Man, why is their search so short?
(a) The officers are getting bitten by mosquitoes
(b) The searchers are convinced that no one could live in the swamp.
(c) The officers are sure the sightings are a mass hallucination.
(d) The dogs find no scent to follow.

2. What happens in Hawaii that prevents the Hundred-Year-Old Man from going to town in 1893?
(a) The American Civil War
(b) The American revolution against Queen Lili'uokalani
(c) The Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor
(d) The Communist Revolution in China

3. What do people in Alaska do to track events in their lives and their community?
(a) produce a weekly newspaper
(b) write in diaries
(c) post bulletins around towns
(d) hire a town crier

4. What kind of poem does Ch'u Yuan write before he drowns?
(a) a haiku
(b) a pourqois poem
(c) an epic tale told in poetic form
(d) a poem of questions with no answers

5. What is Ch'u Yuan looking for as he seeks another like him in the world?
(a) an arrogant, all-knowing citizen
(b) a lost prince trying to spread the word of peace
(c) an uncorrupted human being
(d) a phoenix dispossessed

6. In the first telling of the Driving Out of Alaska, who relocates the China Men?
(a) Indians in war canoes
(b) White demons with guns and tools
(c) Indians on a schooner
(d) Chinese scab laborers

7. In what year is the birthday party for the 106-year-old man held in Hawaii?
(a) 1969
(b) 1893
(c) 1885
(d) 1983

8. How do readers know that the Hundred-Year-Old Man took a job in Hawai'i that paid for passage and offered steady pay, just the same as Kingston's great grandfather?
(a) The details of the old man's experiences with working to clear land, going to town on pay day, and how he spent his money are the same as in the story told about Kingston's great grandfather.
(b) The old man sees the King and Prince of the Hawai'ian Islands who offer him work, just as in the great grandfather's story.
(c) Both the Hundred-Year-Old Man and great grandfather enjoyed watching the small sugarcane plants grow, therefore the two men must have worked at the same time.
(d) The old man has only left the island two times in his life to go to other Hawai'ian Islands, same as great grandfather who decides to remain in Hawai'i and not return to China.

9. How old is Lo Bun Sun when he returns to China and gets married?
(a) fifty-years-old
(b) sixty-years-old
(c) forty-five-years-old
(d) one-hundred-years-old

10. What do Kingston's parents call the Chinese American traditionalists in California?
(a) sky chickens
(b) superstitious, backward peasants
(c) demon workers
(d) wheat germ

11. What reason do the white miners give for the decision to drive out the China Men?
(a) for fighting with the Indians
(b) for paying Citizenship Judges to become citizens
(c) for getting richer by working harder
(d) for stoning a woman in Juneau

12. How many China Men make up the Chinese population in Alaska?
(a) 1,000
(b) 100
(c) 700
(d) 150

13. Why does Great Aunt get herself smuggled into Hong Kong?
(a) Great Aunt hopes Uncle Kau will live out their last days in Hong Kong since it is not Communist.
(b) Great Aunt had lived her whole life in one village and she wanted to see a big city.
(c) Great Aunt, a ninety years old, wants to prove to herself she can get to Hong Kong without being detected.
(d) Great Aunt is being hunted by the Communist in China.

14. What does Kingston realize about men at Great Uncle Kau's funeral?
(a) Men are afraid of death.
(b) Men must carry the casket out of the demon mortuary.
(c) Men have feelings too.
(d) Men grow very old before they die.

15. What month is stated as the date for both stories of the Driving Out in Alaska?
(a) July
(b) January
(c) April
(d) June

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Sao rid himself of his mother's ghost?

2. How does Kingston's Father avoid the draft?

3. What does Say Goong call a "sky chicken"?

4. How were the Indians in Alaska treated by the "gold seeking" miners?

5. What details do we learn about the Wild Man when he talks to the translator in his jail cell?

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