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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long does the Wild Man elude capture in the Green Swamp?
(a) eight months
(b) one year
(c) three months
(d) one month

2. Where else on the globe do the Chinese look for gold, according to the Filipino scholar in "On Listening"?
(a) Spain
(b) China
(c) Mexico
(d) Philippines

3. What amount of pay is given to the Chinese workers in Hawaii for working in the cane fields?
(a) Four dollars a week
(b) Four dollars a month
(c) Four dollars and thirty cents
(d) One dollar a week

4. What does Uncle Bun accuse Father of doing?
(a) stealing his money
(b) poisoning his food
(c) wasting money
(d) working too hard

5. What does Kingston realize about men at Great Uncle Kau's funeral?
(a) Men are afraid of death.
(b) Men grow very old before they die.
(c) Men must carry the casket out of the demon mortuary.
(d) Men have feelings too.

6. Which act shows that the mandarins are confident that they will find gold?
(a) The mandarins ask for more ships to carry all the gold.
(b) The Chinese workers have babies and start families here.
(c) The mandarins agree to build roads and railroads for the Filipino king.
(d) The mandarins sail further and further inland.

7. Why does Great Aunt get herself smuggled into Hong Kong?
(a) Great Aunt had lived her whole life in one village and she wanted to see a big city.
(b) Great Aunt hopes Uncle Kau will live out their last days in Hong Kong since it is not Communist.
(c) Great Aunt, a ninety years old, wants to prove to herself she can get to Hong Kong without being detected.
(d) Great Aunt is being hunted by the Communist in China.

8. For what does the doctor at the jail treat the Wild Man?
(a) alligator bites and burns from camp fires
(b) dehydration and cuts and bruises
(c) malaria and diarrhea
(d) mosquito bites and stomach ache

9. What tradition does Mad Sao perform at his mother's graveside that the Kingston family does not do after Uncle Kau's funeral?
(a) carries a casket with the body in it
(b) tosses fake money around
(c) makes a fire and jump over it
(d) pours liquor into the groun

10. What does Lo Bun Sun call the two shelters he builds on the island?
(a) shelters
(b) mansions
(c) castles
(d) caves

11. Which of the following is not something Sao does at his mother's grave?
(a) heaps food and presents on her grave
(b) lights incense set in pails of sand
(c) lights on fire paper replicas of money
(d) pours wine into the earth

12. How does Kingston's brother describe the Navy?
(a) Cleaning up after yourself is follow through.
(b) The boat gives me nightmares of war scenes.
(c) Navy men get to go to formal dances in foreign countries.
(d) The Navy is housework.

13. To what city does the Filipino king send the mandarins to begin their search for the golden needle?
(a) Mexico City
(b) Bay of Manila
(c) Cabit
(d) The City of Gold

14. What feature of the Wild Man that Kingston saw as a child is distinctly different from the Wild Man caught in 1975?
(a) The Wild Man Kingston saw was never captured.
(b) The Wild Man Kingston saw was a black man.
(c) The Wild Man Kingston saw was dirty.
(d) The Wild Man Kingston saw was naked.

15. After Captain Carroll rescues the China Men from being adrift in the sea, where do the China Men ask the Captain to take them?
(a) China
(b) Cuba
(c) Douglas Island
(d) California

Short Answer Questions

1. What details do we learn about the Wild Man when he talks to the translator in his jail cell?

2. How old is Lo Bun Sun when he returns to China and gets married?

3. How is brother, returning from Vietnam, greeted when he walks from the bus station to his parents' home in Stockton?

4. To what does Kingston refer with the metaphor "the living night"?

5. What are the contents of the Wild Man's bag which is made from a pair of pants?

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