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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Wild Man of the Green Swamp.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What technology changes the way the Central Pacific Railroad tunnels through mountains in the Sierra Nevada?
(a) automatic hammers
(b) computers
(c) dynamite
(d) bulldozers

2. From what point of view is "On Fathers" written?
(a) third-person limited
(b) first-person narrative
(c) first-person observer
(d) third--person omniscient

3. What feature of the Wild Man that Kingston saw as a child is distinctly different from the Wild Man caught in 1975?
(a) The Wild Man Kingston saw was a black man.
(b) The Wild Man Kingston saw was dirty.
(c) The Wild Man Kingston saw was never captured.
(d) The Wild Man Kingston saw was naked.

4. Tu cannot deliver his messages and take care of his urgent things after he exits the tunnel because _____________________________.
(a) No one will listen to Tu's messages or help him with urgent matters.
(b) When he ermerges from the tunnel, he is lost.
(c) Explosions inside the tunnel made Tu deaf and mute.
(d) The tunnel is a passage to his rebirth as an infant.

5. What food product is Uncle Bun obsessed with when the reader first meets him?
(a) wheat germ
(b) milk
(c) eggs
(d) coconuts

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the young man enter the house of the young widow?

2. How might Kingston's father's life have been different had he passed the Imperial Examinations with honors?

3. What were the Chinese wives most likely afraid of when their husbands left for Gold Mountain?

4. What do the two old women do to Tang Ao with the needles?

5. What tradition does Mad Sao perform at his mother's graveside that the Kingston family does not do after Uncle Kau's funeral?

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