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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Wild Man of the Green Swamp.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What rule do the "white demons" enforce that is problematic for great grandfather Bak Goong while he is working in the sugar cane fields?
(a) singing
(b) silence
(c) working
(d) counting

2. In the second telling of the Driving Out in Alaska, what do returning China Men do to get back to their homes and their jobs?
(a) China Men bargain with the Treadmill Mining Company.
(b) China Men bring back with them battalions of soldiers.
(c) China Men fight hand-to-hand battle with the miners.
(d) China Men replace white workers who had gone on strike.

3. What does Kingston realize about men at Great Uncle Kau's funeral?
(a) Men grow very old before they die.
(b) Men must carry the casket out of the demon mortuary.
(c) Men are afraid of death.
(d) Men have feelings too.

4. What do people in Alaska do to track events in their lives and their community?
(a) hire a town crier
(b) produce a weekly newspaper
(c) write in diaries
(d) post bulletins around towns

5. What mood does the letter from Kingston's friend, the physicist, reflect about his return visit to their common ancestral village?
(a) despair
(b) hostile
(c) hopeful
(d) indifference

Short Answer Questions

1. For what does the doctor at the jail treat the Wild Man?

2. Who is Tu Tzu-chun's examiner?

3. Why does Sao Elder Brother become known as Mad Sao?

4. What does Ah Goong, BaBa's father, do with BaBa that horrifies the family?

5. What condition does the monk set on what Tu Tzu-chun can do during his illusions?

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