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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The American Father.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What mood does the letter from Kingston's friend, the physicist, reflect about his return visit to their common ancestral village?
(a) despair
(b) indifference
(c) hostile
(d) hopeful

2. What is the Chinaman's hat in "The Great Grandfather of the Sandalwood Mountains"?
(a) the place in town where Chinese workers gamble
(b) an island
(c) the top of Sandalwood Mountain
(d) a hat to protect the Chinese workers

3. In Honolulu, what does Kingston's friend, the dancer, report about Kingston's ancestral village?
(a) the people are housed and fed
(b) family members had been forced out to build apartments
(c) the people in the village are ignorant and lazy
(d) the people greeted her with a parade

4. What two actions result from the Scott Act of 1888?
(a) voiding Certificates of Return and requiring Certificate of Residence be shown on demand
(b) identifying free whites as eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship and giving African Aliens eligibility to apply for U.S. citizenshi
(c) defining
(d) suspending the Burlingame Treaty for 20 years and making Chinese men cut off their ponytails

5. What is the significance of the court case, Chae Chan Ping v. The United States?
(a) This is the first case to address the issue of Sojourners.
(b) Congressmen call for the United States to be made up of a limited amount of elderly Chinese people.
(c) This is the first case of a Chinese fighting against the Chinese Exclusion Acts.
(d) This case adds one year of hard labor for illegal Chinese immigrants before being deported.

Short Answer Questions

1. What makes the author afraid to name the village in China where her family lives?

2. What is the significance of the Supreme Court ruling in the1898 case, The United States v. Wong Kim Ark?

3. Which tax is enforced on Chinese immigrants living in California in order to pay for the extra policing their presence requires?

4. What did the Displaced Persons Act passed in 1948 offer Chinese immigrants?

5. What kind of business does Father buy?

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