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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The American Father.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From whom do MaMa and Father have to keep their savings a secret?
(a) the owner of the Gambling House
(b) their six children
(c) MaMa's sister living in San Francisco
(d) their neighbors in Stockton

2. What are the "Jesus demons" trying to do when they visit the work camp where Bak Goong lives?
(a) trying to cast demons from the Chinese workers
(b) trying to convert the Chinese to Christianity
(c) trying to baptize the Chinese workers
(d) trying to lure them to work at their farm

3. What rule do the "white demons" enforce that is problematic for great grandfather Bak Goong while he is working in the sugar cane fields?
(a) singing
(b) counting
(c) working
(d) silence

4. Which is the setting for Kingston's biography of great grandfather Bak Goong in "The Great Grandfather of Sandalwood Mountains"?
(a) Cuba
(b) Hawaii
(c) Taiwan
(d) California

5. What is the Chinaman's hat in "The Great Grandfather of the Sandalwood Mountains"?
(a) a hat to protect the Chinese workers
(b) an island
(c) the place in town where Chinese workers gamble
(d) the top of Sandalwood Mountain

Short Answer Questions

1. What personal theory does Kingston recall testing when she was child?

2. What does Kingston hear from her schoolmates that makes her long to be normal?

3. Which tax is enforced on Chinese immigrants living in California in order to pay for the extra policing their presence requires?

4. How does great grandfather Bak Goong break the rules of silence while working in Sandalwood Mountain?

5. In 1884, who is the first Chinese immigrant denied citizenship based on race?

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