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On Discovery

• The author opens this novel with a traditional Chinese folktale about a man named Tang Ao. This adventurous character steals across the ocean in search of the Mountain of Gold.

• He discovers a land controlled by women who prepare Tang to meet the Queen.

• Tang suffers torturous events such as breaking and binding his feet and piercing his ears.

• Tang is made to look and act like a Chinese woman.

• When he meets the Queen he is mistaken for a female servant.

• There are no taxes and no wars in this great land called North America.

On Fathers

• As children, the author and her siblings eagerly await near the gate for their father's return home from work.

• They know he is carrying sweets and treats for them.

• This day they run up to a man they recognize as their father.

• The man insists he is not...

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