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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Yellowhammer react to the secret meeting between Moll and Touchwood Junior?

2. What is the name of the Wench's cousin, whom Touchwood Senior allegedly impregnates?

3. Who arrives with Sir Walter to interrupt the secret meeting between Moll and Touchwood Junior?

4. To which famous Shakespearean couple does Middleton compare Moll and Touchwood Junior?

5. How long does Yellowhammer promise to watch over Moll?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who has come along with Touchwood Junior and Moll for their secret meeting?

2. How does Touchwood Senior feel about the country girls who work in the estate around harvest time?

3. What lie must Sir Walter tell to Moll's family in order for the arranged marriages to proceed?

4. How do those around him treat Allwit in response to his agreement with Sir Walter?

5. How does Allwit greet Moll and Touchwood Junior when they arrive at his daughter's christening?

6. Who is nominated to lead the party into the church, and what is the reaction to this nomination?

7. What happens when Touchwood Junior challenges Sir Walter do a duel?

8. Why does Sir Walter decide to rewrite his will?

9. Where do Touchwood Junior and Moll secretly meet, and why?

10. What confession does Yellowhammer make to the audience after Allwit arrives in disguise to tell him about Sir Walter's mistress?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Allwit chooses to invite some interesting characters to his daughter's christening, particularly The Gossips and The Puritans. Briefly describe The Gossips and The Puritans, and explain what their role in the christening party was. Explain how Allwit's attitude toward these guests changed as soon as he brought them back to his house, and why.

Essay Topic 2

Both Maudlin and Yellowhammer were extremely meddlesome and controlling parents. Explain why Yellowhammer and his wife felt the need to control their children's lives, and what affect their meddlesome behavior eventually had on the lives of their children.

Essay Topic 3

The scene in which Maudlin confronts Moll at the riverbed proves to be a turning point in Moll's life. Explain the events of the riverside rendezvous, and how Moll used these events to alter the path of her life. Finally, explain how this riverside conflict changed the relationship between mother and daughter.

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