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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Moll respond when Sir Walter attempts to speak with her?

2. What does Allwit thank Moll for doing at the party?

3. For how many years has Sir Walter been having an affair with Mistress Allwit?

4. Why does Allwit turn a blind eye to the affair between his wife and Sir Walter?

5. Who bickers about social standing at the town party?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the consequence that Moll and Touchwood Junior must suffer for their secret meeting?

2. What gifts does Mistress Allwit receive from Sir Walter in celebration of the birth of their daughter?

3. Why are Sir Walter Whorehound and his niece traveling to meet with Moll's family?

4. How does Touchwood Senior feel about the country girls who work in the estate around harvest time?

5. What news does the first servant bring to the Allwit's home, and what is the reaction to this news?

6. What happens on the steps of the church that creates a fight amongst the women?

7. What happens when the Wench accosts Touchwood Senior with one of his illegitimate children?

8. How is the secret meeting between Touchwood Junior and Moll interrupted?

9. Who is selected as the godparents to Allwit's new baby, and how are they selected?

10. How does Sir Walter react when his two sons, Wat and Nick, enter the room for the first time?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

When Sir Walter is first introduced to the audience, it is made clear that he is in deep debt to his family. Explain why Sir Walter has gone into such deep debt, and what he intends to do about resolving those debts. Explain why Sir Walter feels the need to keep his debts hidden to the other characters in the play.

Essay Topic 2

At the beginning of the novel, a wench appears at Touchwood Senior's office to confront him. Explain why the wench felt the need to confront this man, and what the outcome of the conflict was. Then, explain how this conflict characterized Touchwood Senior for the audience.

Essay Topic 3

Allwit chooses to invite some interesting characters to his daughter's christening, particularly The Gossips and The Puritans. Briefly describe The Gossips and The Puritans, and explain what their role in the christening party was. Explain how Allwit's attitude toward these guests changed as soon as he brought them back to his house, and why.

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