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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is discovered to be the truth about Moll's funeral?
(a) It is not paid for.
(b) It is a hoax.
(c) It is abandoned by Yellowhammer and Maudlin.
(d) Sir Walter pays for it.

2. What does Allwit decide to turn his house into after Sir Walter is removed from it?
(a) A school.
(b) A church.
(c) A brothel.
(d) A bar.

3. How much money has Sir Walter been promised in the dowry?
(a) None. Moll has no dowry.
(b) 20 pounds.
(c) 200 pounds.
(d) 2,000 pounds.

4. Who has Touchwood Junior arranged to visit while his father is with Sir Oliver?
(a) Moll.
(b) Maudlin.
(c) Lady Kix.
(d) Mistress Allwit.

5. Which member of the community is considered most integral to Moll's funeral?
(a) The Doctor.
(b) The Journalist.
(c) The Parson.
(d) The Gardener.

6. How much of his money does Sir Walter leave to Mistress Allwit?
(a) A quarter of it.
(b) Half of it.
(c) None of it.
(d) All of it.

7. What shocking event takes place during Moll's funeral?
(a) There is no body in her coffin.
(b) She rolls out of her coffin.
(c) She sits up in her coffin.
(d) The body in the coffin is not Moll's.

8. Who finds Moll after she runs away again?
(a) The Gossips.
(b) The Allwits.
(c) Her brother.
(d) Her parents.

9. How do Sir Oliver and Lady Kix treat one another when Touchwood Senior arrives?
(a) They are arguing and cursing.
(b) They hold hands and quietly listen to their guest.
(c) They are kissing one another.
(d) They completely ignore one another.

10. Which of the following adjectives best describes Moll's condition when she is found after being dragged from the river?
(a) Irate.
(b) Manic.
(c) Lethargic.
(d) Ill.

11. Who catches Moll as she is trying to escape?
(a) Tim.
(b) Yellowhammer.
(c) Davy Duhana.
(d) Maudlin.

12. Which of Maudlin's relatives arrives unexpectedly to the party?
(a) Her son.
(b) Her uncle.
(c) Her father.
(d) Her brother.

13. What becomes the Yellowhammers' main priority after Moll becomes ill?
(a) Finding Moll the best medical treatment.
(b) Arranging Moll's funeral.
(c) Having another child.
(d) Getting Tim married as quickly as possible.

14. What method of argument does Tim employ when discussing fools?
(a) Gusto.
(b) Logic.
(c) Debate.
(d) Heart.

15. How does Sir Oliver react to the news that Lady Kix is pregnant?
(a) He is angry,
(b) He is confused.,
(c) He is embarrassed.
(d) He is excited.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who challenges Sir Walter to a duel after Moll is discovered?

2. Who does Sir Walter ask to write down his will?

3. Who does Sir Oliver order to pay Touchwood Senior for the news that Lady Kix is pregnant?

4. What news does the first servant bring, interrupting the dictation of Sir Walter's will?

5. To whose home does Sir Walter run when he flees the duel?

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