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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Moll dragged back to her family?
(a) By her ear.
(b) By her ankles.
(c) By her hair.
(d) By her arms.

2. What does Allwit stand to lose if Sir Walter marries another woman?
(a) His children.
(b) His job.
(c) His finances.
(d) His best friend.

3. What does Tim believe he can argue about wenches?
(a) That they are all fools.
(b) That they are all rationally thinking humans.
(c) That they are all honest women.
(d) That they are all scavengers.

4. How does Yellowhammer react to the truth about Moll's funeral?
(a) He is confused.
(b) He is shocked.
(c) He is outraged.
(d) He is embarrassed.

5. Who arrives with Touchwood Senior at Sir Oliver's home?
(a) Yellowhammer.
(b) Moll.
(c) Davy Duhana.
(d) Touchwood Junior.

6. What does Tim say to patronize his mother?
(a) That he does not believe he sprung from her womb.
(b) That she herself is a fool.
(c) That her opinion is not valid because she never went to University.
(d) That all she is good for is birthing children.

7. How does Sir Oliver react to the news that Lady Kix is pregnant?
(a) He is confused.,
(b) He is excited.
(c) He is angry,
(d) He is embarrassed.

8. When does Yellowhammer vow to have Moll married to Sir Walter?
(a) During the next full moon.
(b) The next morning.
(c) At sundown.
(d) Within the week.

9. Who pays for the post-christening party?
(a) Yellowhammer.
(b) Sir Walter.
(c) Sir Allwit.
(d) Davy Duhana.

10. Who does Maudlin send for when she realizes how sickly Moll is?
(a) The doctor.
(b) Lady Kix.
(c) Sir Walter.
(d) Touchwood Senior.

11. To whom does Sir Oliver want to announce the news of Lady Kix's pregnancy?
(a) Only his family.
(b) Only his closest friends
(c) The entire public.
(d) No one.

12. Who does Moll run away with when her mother runs out to find her?
(a) Lady Kix.
(b) Sir Oliver.
(c) Touchwood Junior.
(d) Touchwood Senior.

13. Who gives Mistress Allwit with the unusual spoons?
(a) Yellowhammer.
(b) Moll.
(c) Davy Duhana.
(d) Sir Walter.

14. In what language does Tim conduct his argument about fools?
(a) In Spanish.
(b) In French.
(c) In Latin.
(d) In English.

15. Where is Sir Walter wounded during the duel?
(a) In the leg.
(b) In the neck.
(c) In the stomach.
(d) In the arm.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who carries Moll to her bedroom after she hears the news about Touchwood Junior?

2. What news does the first servant bring, interrupting the dictation of Sir Walter's will?

3. Who challenges Sir Walter to a duel after Moll is discovered?

4. Why does Sir Walter curse the Allwits?

5. How do Sir Oliver and Lady Kix treat one another when Touchwood Senior arrives?

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