A Chaste Maid in Cheapside Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What conversation are Moll and her mother having as the play opens?

As the play opens, Moll's mother is lecturing her on all the flaws she has a woman. According to her mother, Moll is way behind the other girls her age and must be more concerned with the prospect of meeting a suitable knight to marry.

2. Why are Sir Walter Whorehound and his niece traveling to meet with Moll's family?

Yellowhammer and his wife Maudlin have arranged for Sir Walter Whorehound to marry their daughter Moll. As an added bonus, they have also arranged for Sir Walter's niece to marry their son, Tim, a marriage they are very excited about as they hear that Sir Walter and his family are very wealthy.

3. What lie must Sir Walter tell to Moll's family in order for the arranged marriages to proceed?

Sir Walter must convince Yellowhammer and his wife that his mistress, a prostitute, is in fact his niece and a virgin. It is unknown why Sir Walter has arranged for these two marriages, but it is clear that he is a liar and that he plans to mislead the family.

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