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Short Answer Questions

1. Where was Mitchell Feigenbaum born?

2. What is a measure of some property of a piece of software or its specifications?

3. According to the author, "to play the chaos game quickly, you need a computer with a graphics screen and a random number generator, but in principle a sheet of paper and" what will work as well?

4. When was Mitchell Feigenbaum born?

5. Where did Michael Barnsley earn his Ph.D.?

Short Essay Questions

1. To whom does the author compare the background of Albert Libchaber in Chapter 7, "The Experimenter"? When was Albert Libchaber born?

2. What is the Taylor vortex flow and when does it emerge?

3. Who is Michael Barnsley? How is his early career described in Chapter 8, "Images of Chaos"?

4. Where did Mitchell Feigenbaum meet Michael Barnsley in Chapter 8, "Images of Chaos"? What did their discussions lead to?

5. What problems did turbulence cause for physicists and scientists, according to the author in Chapter 5, "Strange Attractors"?

6. Who was Johann Wolfgang von Goethe? For what great work is he most well known?

7. How are the Navier-Stokes equations defined? For whom are they named?

8. What interests in art and culture are described of Mitchell Feigenbaum in Chapter 6, "Universality"?

9. Whose results did Albert Libchaber inadvertently recreate in Chapter 7, "The Experimenter"?

10. Describe the career of Heinz-Otto Peitgen. Where is Peitgen from?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the life and work of Stephen Smale. What contributions is Smale responsible for in the study of chaos theory?

Essay Topic 2

Define and discuss fractals, peano curves, Sierpinski carpets and Sierpinski gaskets. When were Sierpinski carpets first discovered?

Essay Topic 3

Describe Benoit Mandelbrot's work for International Business Machines Corporation. When was IBM founded and how was Mandelbrot involved in its evolution?

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