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Chaos - This is defined as an unstable action in the presence of a stable environment.

The Butterfly Effect - Edward Lorenz is responsible for coining this term which was applied to weather experiments.

Royal McBee - This refers to the computer used by Edward Lorenz in the 1960s.

Dynamic Systems Collective - This was founded by Robert Shaw, James Crutchfield, Norman Packard, and J. Doyne Farmer.

Weather Forecasting - This was once considered an art form but became a science and mid- to long-range became a possibility.

Los Alamos National Laboratory - This is the place where Feigenbaum went to work in 1974.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - This is one of the most prestigious schools in the world for physics and mathematics.

International Business Machine Products - This was the place where Benoit Mandelbrot had been working when he began to study economics and the distribution...

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