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This is defined as an unstable action in the presence of a stable environment.

The Butterfly Effect

Edward Lorenz is responsible for coining this term which was applied to weather experiments.

Royal McBee

This refers to the computer used by Edward Lorenz in the 1960s.

Dynamic Systems Collective

This was founded by Robert Shaw, James Crutchfield, Norman Packard, and J. Doyne Farmer.

Weather Forecasting

This was once considered an art form but became a science and mid- to long-range became a possibility.

Los Alamos National Laboratory

This is the place where Feigenbaum went to work in 1974.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This is one of the most prestigious schools in the world for physics and mathematics.

International Business Machine Products

This was the place where Benoit Mandelbrot had been working when he began to study economics and the distribution of various incomes in the economy.

Harvard University


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