Chaos: Making a New Science Character Descriptions

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James Gleick

This author of the book is a native of New York City, graduated from Harvard College, and founded Metropolis, an alternative weekly newspaper based in Minneapolis.

Benoit Mandelbrot

This individual was born in Warsaw, Poland, in 1924 and the family was forced to move to Paris in 1936 due to geopolitical circumstances.

Edward Lorenz

This individual was the first to build a true weather simulator and calculated the data that would make weather forecasting possible.

Stephen Smale

This scientist from the University of California at Berkeley was young but famous for solving esoteric problems when he began to cause controversy.

Robert May

This biologist's work worked on esoteric problems was on a global level rather than a local level.

John Yorke

This individual is credited with creating the term chaos in reference to science.

Bernardo Huberman

This Argentinian transplant in California was a research fellow at Xerox's Palo...

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