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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what does Fusena agree before Ali leaves Ghana?
(a) To write him every week.
(b) To marry him.
(c) To wait for his return and not marry someone else.
(d) To go with him.

2. About what is Oko embarrassed?
(a) That Esi left him for her career.
(b) That Esi is seeing another man.
(c) That Ogyaanowa has no siblings.
(d) That he forced his wife to have sex.

3. What does Oko think Esi has not lost?
(a) Her love for Oko.
(b) Her combative spirit.
(c) Her schoolgirl looks or ways.
(d) Her desire for perfection.

4. What does Oko want?
(a) For Esi to give him another chance.
(b) To take Esi to specialists in France.
(c) For Esi to carry the child to term.
(d) For Esi not to work at all.

5. What does Esi realize she has endured when she gets to her office?
(a) Several pregnancies.
(b) Marital rape.
(c) Sexism at work.
(d) Too many years of silence from Oko.

Short Answer Questions

1. About what do Opokuya and Kubi argue every morning?

2. Why is Ali going to be away from Fusena for a long time?

3. How long does Ali live away from his father?

4. Where is Esi driving at the opening of the novel?

5. Why does Esi think her decision about Ogyaanowa suits Esi?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Oko do when he receives Esi's request for a divorce?

2. What is ironic about Esi's problems with Oko?

3. What is Ali's educational background?

4. How does Ali feel about his father and how is he different from his father?

5. Why is it important that Esi find a sympathetic ear in Opokuya?

6. What are each person's reasons for wanting the car this particular morning?

7. About what do Kubi and Opokuya argue most workday mornings?

8. Where does Ogyaanowa end up staying for the summer and then longer?

9. Who is Ali's father?

10. What does Opokuya realize as she is riding home with Kubi?

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